The Rushmore Report: Dem’s Worst Nightmare – Middle Class Is Doing Well

It’s a sad day when one of America’s two major political parties is rooting against the middle class. But that is the position staked out by the party that has built its reputation on being the champion of the middle class – the Democrats. Case in point – Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). One of the most vulnerable Democrats running for reelection in 2018, McCaskill was left speechless when asked about the $1,000 bonuses given out by a Springfield-based bank, in response to the Republican-passed tax cuts.

McCaskill sang the same song as everyone else in her party. Every single House and Senate Democrat voted against the tax bill because they said it would only benefit the rich. But now that over 100 U.S. companies, including the one in Springfield, Missouri, have given their employees $1,000 bonuses, it’s hard to make this case with a straight face.

When asked if she was happy that middle-class citizens in Missouri were receiving these bonuses in direct response to the tax reform, McCaskill offered no comment. The bonuses went to 1,200 people. That is $1.2 million put directly into the pockets of the middle class. And that elicited no comment.

Even the Washington Post, considered among the most liberal of all media outlets, had to admit the latest jobs report was excellent. Under Trump’s watch, the Post noted, we just had our biggest year for job creation, stock market growth, and unemployment decline in history.

I remember the days when anything good for America was celebrated by both political parties. Those days are gone. To be fair, Republicans weren’t exactly leading the celebration when economic recovery took its footing under President Obama.

But you’d think we’d hear one leading Democrat – just one – celebrate something. But this is what we heard from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, when the following news broke . . .

  1. Record jobs numbers: silence
  2. Record stock market: silence
  3. Victory over ISIS: silence
  4. Record low unemployment for black Americans: silence
  5. $1,000 bonuses for middle-class Americans: silence
  6. Record drop in food stamps: silence
  7. Drop in illegal immigration: silence
  8. Highest consumer confidence in 17 years: silence

No one could expect Sen. McCaskill to call a press conference to praise the policies of President Trump. No one could expect Democrats to cave on their principles. But one would hope that when we are winning the war on terror, when tax breaks put thousands of dollars into the pockets of average Americans, when more Americans are working than at any point in our history . . . one would hope that we can all be Americans and celebrate the progress that has been made for the American people.

When the middle class does better, all Americans should rejoice, regardless of which political party is in charge. There was a day when we didn’t even have to say that.

In Sen. McCaskill’s world, the prosperity of the middle class is apparently a bad thing. That is a really sad world in which to live.

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