The Rushmore Report: Democrats’ Best Strategy – American Failure

The sprint to the left by the modern Democratic Party is well-documented. Any description of the party of Kennedy and Clinton (Bill) as moderate or mainstream was dashed by the anointing of self-described socialist Bernie Sanders (not even a registered Democrat) as their most popular leader, followed closely by the senior senator from the most liberal state in the union – Elizabeth Warren. But what is really sad is their strategy for future political gains – rooting for the failure of everything Republican leadership has put in place – and therefore of the American people.

The new tax legislation serves as a perfect example. Not a single Democrat voted for the plan that even the liberal Washington Post had to admit will bring tax cuts to at least 80 percent of middle-income Americans for the next eight years. So, leading up to the 2018 mid-terms, Democrats will hang their hopes on their ability to convince Americans that having more money ($1600 per year on average) in their pockets is bad for them. Of course, this is an argument no one can make successfully. Therefore, Democrats have only two choices – admit the tax plan does what is says (helps most Americans) or root for its failure.

The same Democrats who passed legislation that resulted in the doubling of the national debt in just eight years are already screaming bloody murder over a possible debt increase tied to the new tax law – that, worst case, will be only 15 percent ($1.5 trillion) the amount of the debt accrued under President Obama ($10 trillion).

The Democrats will pounce on the corporate tax reduction from the highest level in the free world (35 percent) to a more common level (21 percent). “This will only benefit big business,” they say.

Absent from Democratic talking points, or reporting by CNN and MSNBC, are the fact that Boeing is investing $100,000 in its workers, or the $1,000 bonuses being handed out by other corporate giants, in response to the new bill.

The Wall Street Journal has it right. “Democrats used to be the party of hope. Now they are the party of nope. They have become the party that hopes the tax cuts will fail and private investment won’t help workers.”

Meanwhile, outside the Democratic noise machine, the economy is growing at four percent, the Dow Jones had a 5,000-point surge in 2017 (its biggest year ever), consumer confidence is at a 17-year high, and unemployment is at a near two-decade low. The economy is booming. Even CNN had to admit that this bill would put some “damn good money” in the pockets of working class families.

But for Democrats, who have only doom and gloom to share, this is apparently bad news. Tax cuts for middle-class Americans, record employment, and a booming economy – not to mention victory over ISIS – are apocalyptic news for the Democrats.

You won’t find a single Democrat cheering the good news for the American people. You won’t find a single Democrat rooting for the tax cuts to work or for the continued success of Trump policies.

Void of any fresh ideas of their own, Democrats have retreated to the sidelines where they only cheer for the coach to be fired and for his team to fail. That way, perhaps they can be put back in charge. And sadly, for the Democratic Party, being back in charge is the new definition of success.

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