The Rushmore Report – Could President Trump Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Let’s say up front, this probably won’t happen. And if it does happen, a certain unnamed political party will be apoplectic. But it could happen. In fact, if current world events continue to unfold as they appear to be unfolding, it should happen. President Donald J. Trump just might win the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? I offer four reasons – any one of which would bring home the award for any other – less controversial – president.

1. Korea

The Korean War appears to be coming to a quick resolution, after just 60 years of fighting and infighting. Both North and South Korea seem ready to broker a peace agreement that includes the denuclearization of the peninsula. This eluded both the Bush and Obama Administrations. So months after Trump mocked North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, calling him “little rocket man,” sending panic across Democratic circles, Jong-un appears to have become rattled to the point of negotiation.

2. Iran

Peace in the Middle East has eluded U.S. presidents for decades. And it is too early to tell if Trump’s on-again, off-again stance on the Iran nuclear deal will pay dividends. But by all measurements, Iran – and the entire Middle East – seem wary of crossing our unpredictable leader. However the Iranian deal shakes out, all indications are that we are closer to peace than ever.


Before Trump took office, all we heard about was ISIS. Now, when there is an ISIS-led attack – as was the case Monday – it is big news. Why? Because ISIS has been diminished by as much as 85 percent. Clearly, they are on the run and the president deserves a lot of the credit.

4. Russia

The jury is still out on how the Mueller investigation will end – or if it will end. But we know this – despite all the new sanctions and rhetoric, the U.S. president and Russian president are on speaking terms. They meet regularly, talk often, and share a healthy fear of what poor U.S.-Russia relations mean for the world. Like Ronald Reagan, Trump is a bit of a cowboy. He is impossible to predict. And like Ronald Reagan, he has the full attention of Russian leadership.

At last week’s rally in Michigan, Trump heard the chants: “Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!” The president responded, “That’s very nice. Thank you. I just wanna get the job done.”

Will he win the Nobel Peace Prize? It’s hard to say. But if he continues to “get the job done,” he will be what he always is – hard to ignore.

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