The Rushmore Report: Cosby Juror Speaks Out

A mistrial was declared Saturday in the Bill Cosby case, after the jury was hopelessly deadlocked, unable to make a decision on Cosby’s guilt or innocence. Prosecutors say they will retry the 79-year-old star on charges that he drugged and molested a woman in 2004. Now a juror is speaking out, in an interview with Pittsburgh radio station WDVE. His name is Mike McCloskey, and this is his story.

McCloskey was an alternate on the jury, and therefore he was present for the entire trial. While the actual jury was instructed to not discuss their deliberations with the media, this did not apply to McCloskey, as a non-voting alternate.

Riding on the bus back to the courtroom with the other jurors, Mike described the ride as “the craziest, eeriest bus ride I’ve ever taken,” as he jury was completely silent on the bus ride.

Though he does not know the exact vote of the official jury, McCloskey thinks it was fairly even. As for himself, “I would have probably voted ‘guilty,'” he says. “The evidence was just so strong.”

Cosby’s attorney, Angela Agrusa is relieved to be back home in Los Angeles just a few days after the Pennsylvania judge declared the mistrial. “My body was in a state of clench for the entire week,” she said. Agrusa feared the jury would return a guilty verdict.

She said, “We wanted an acquittal, but a mistrial or a deadlock is the same result as the group of jurors finding him not guilty. Prosecutors didn’t have the evidence.”

After the verdict, the Montgomery County DA’s Office immediately put out word there would be a re-trial. However, Agrusa isn’t sold on the idea.

“I believe that the Commonwealth had to state [the intention of a re-trial] when they stated it,” said Agrusa, referring to the prosecution. “They have a lot of searching to do when they make a decision. I hope they don’t re-try. I don’t think the outcome would be any better for them. Everyone knows that cases don’t get better with time.”

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