The Rushmore Report: Close Race – Dems Missed Opportunity

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is within the margin of error in his race against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, having shaved her lead to 44-41 percent in the left-leaning Boston Herald poll. But the amazing thing in the poll is that it showed the Democrats are about to make one mistake. And it may cost them the election.

While Clinton leads Trump by three points, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at seven percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein drawing two percent, Clinton’s numbers are dropping in light of her low favorability numbers.

But the new poll shows one way the Democrats can more than double their lead. All it requires is swapping Hillary Clinton out and putting Senator Elizabeth Warren in her place. That would jump the lead to 47-40 percent.

Warren’s unfavorability rating is 31 points lower than the woman who is about to be nominated by her party next week. Yet, by being placed in the #2 spot on the ticket, Warren’s impact would be nominal. A full 80 percent of likely voters say the freshman senator’s presence on the ticket would have no effect on their voting decision, while 12 percent said it would make them more likely to vote for Clinton, with nine percent saying it would push them closer to a Trump vote.

As for Trump and Clinton, both camps seem pretty set in their decisions – just 22 percent of Trump voters and 27 percent of Clinton supporters say they could change their minds. Warren disappointed many by staying out of the race. Now, with the Bay State senator showing strength in all regions of the country, without the baggage Clinton has tied around her neck, she may be questioning her decision.

So it’s Clinton vs Trump, in what polls are indicating will be a close race. Democrats, you may have just missed a big opportunity. Her name is Elizabeth Warren.

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