The Rushmore Report: Clinton’s Closing Argument

Rocked by the recent statements by James Comey, Director of the FBI, Hillary Clinton is maintaining a positive persona to the end of the campaign. With a wide team of surrogates spanning each critical state, Clinton is narrowing her focus to a few points that her team thinks will carry her to victory. With just five days remaining in the campaign, her plan of attack is clear. This is the closing argument for Hillary Clinton.

1. Children and Families

On the stump these days, Clinton continues to highlight her policy agenda, often circling back to issues she’s been discussing on the campaign trail for months, such as college affordability and equal pay for women. She’s also keen to talk about climate change and job investments that will help the American family.

2. Trump – A Threat to Democracy

Clinton is trying to convince voters that Donald Trump is mounting an “unprecedented attack on our democracy.” Since the final debate in Las Vegas, she’s been hitting Trump on his reservations about saying he’ll respect the results of the election. “This is a direct threat to our democracy,” Clinton told a crowd of a few thousand on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

3. Early Voting

With Trump gaining in the polls, Clinton is counting on racking up big numbers in early voting, conducted at a time when her national lead was about seven points. Her campaign estimates that about 60 percent of Florida will have voted early. North Carolina reports similar patterns.

4. Expand the Map

Clinton’s multi-pronged offense is focused on states Trump needs more than Clinton to reach 270 electoral votes. Florida tops that list. Clinton is working hard in other states she really doesn’t need, such as North Carolina, Iowa, and Ohio. This forces Trump to play defense in places he’d rather be able to take for granted.

Will Clinton’s four-pronged strategy work? We’ll know in five days.

About the Author

Scott Detrow is a writer for NPR, whose primary assignment is the 2016 presidential election. With a focus on the technology and data angles of the race, Detrow is a frequent guest on the NPR Politics Podcast.

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