The Rushmore Report – Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Performs on ‘Ellen’

Grammy-nominated singer Lauren Daigle was featured on NBC’s popular “Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week, where she showcased her new Christian music. DeGeneres called Daigle “amazing” before the Christian singer took the stage to perform “Rolling Stones” off of her recently released album Look Up Child.

Daigle sang, “Six feet under, I thought it was over. An answer to prayer, the voice of a Savior. Rise up, rise!”

After the performance, DeGeneres rushed on stage, hugged Daigle, and joked that the former “American Idol” alum was so successful because DeGeneres was a judge while Daigle did a short stint on the popular singing competition show.

Daigle had announced her special appearance on “Ellen” in a Facebook post, and while some praised her for it, others took issue because of DeGeneres’ open lesbian lifestyle. However, as Daigle said in a recent interview with The Christian Post, she is remaining true to her call of going outside of the church to share the Gospel.

“I think the passage that says, ‘Go out into the world and draw people unto Him,’ the Great Commission, that’s what I think about in regard to the mainstream aspect,” Daigle told CP in the interview. “I wasn’t looking at making my music as in mainstream versus Christian. I was like, ‘Okay, what is the purest version of me? Or what is the purest thing that God has written into my spirit and how do I express that? How do I communicate that?’”

The 27-year-old Louisiana native said she’s not afraid to appeal to the world with her message of hope, which some fear might lead her astray and to abandon her worship roots to become a secular artist. Daigle, however, said her faith and mission in life have never been clearer.


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