The Rushmore Report: Border Wall – Does It Work?

The debate over a border wall continues to rage. From the left, we hear three piercing arguments: no one does a border wall, a wall doesn’t work anyway, and illegal immigrants should be allowed in because they commit crimes at a lesser rate than legal citizens. It’s hard to know where to start in a sane rebuttal to these arguments. I will try to be concise. And fact-driven. Let’s check our emotions at the door and engage our brains.

Argument #1 – No one does a wall.

We hear this one all the time. Building a wall on our southern border would violate our values. (I guess this assumes one of our “values” is to let as many people as possible violate out sovereignty and our laws – interesting “values.”) “We would be the only civilized country in the world to build a wall on our border,” says Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Tell that to the 36 countries who actually have walls on their borders right now! Here is a partial list: Belize, Bulgaria, Spain, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, China, North Korea, Egypt, Russia, Macedonia, Thailand, Hungary, India (on four borders), South Korea, South Africa, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, and my favorite – Mexico. Yes, Ms. Pelosi, civilized countries do build walls to protect their sovereignty – lots of them. One would think you would have known that.

Argument #2 – Walls don’t work.

Does this really need a response? I guess it does, because Democrats and most of the media keep repeating the ridiculous claim that a huge wall keeps no more people out than no wall at all. Of course, these same people build fences around their houses and put locks on their doors. But I digress. If walls didn’t work, we wouldn’t have 36 countries who have spent billions of dollars to build them. Consider this. Just the promise of a wall is affecting border crossings. Clayton Morris just reported that illegal immigrants crossing at America’s southern border have dropped 64 percent in 2017 versus the same time span in 2016. The Daily Caller cites further evidence. From February through May, about 76,000 people were captured by law enforcement at the border versus 188,000 in 2016. Fewer illegals – by the tens of thousands – are even trying to cross over our border since the Trump border wall threats began. One commentator said it like this – “Trump isn’t just building the wall; Trump is the wall.” 

Argument #3 – Illegals commit less crime.

This is debatable. Data goes both ways. But if I hear Juan Williams say this one more time, I may ban Fox News from my cable system for all time. Let’s assume illegals do commit less crime than American citizens. That changes nothing! Whether by a larger number, or a lesser number, no one argues they commit no crime. 

Let’s say you have three sidewalks you can take to the store. One has more criminals waiting for you, a second has fewer criminals, and the third has no criminals. Which would you choose? Is the fact that inner city thugs in Chicago are killing each other at a higher rate than illegals kill Americans really a good argument for letting illegals in? To hear Juan Williams tell it, as long as illegals are committing less crime than others, their crime should be applauded and welcomed.

Perhaps Mr. Williams should test his own theory – that it’s okay to be somewhere illegally as long as you don’t commit any other crimes while you are there. I wonder if he would consider illegally entering a person’s house, making himself at home as though he lived there, and then when the home owner enters the room, say, “Hey, I’m not hurting anyone. Go on back to bed. I’ll just stay here for a few years.”

So what do we know? We know three things. First, other civilized countries do build border walls. Second, they work. Third, the rate at which illegals commit crimes is irrelevant.

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