The Rushmore Report – Border Patrol Chief Speaks: ‘We Need a Wall’

Everyone has an opinion on the border wall. Democrats claim a wall won’t help secure the border – despite their own votes to the contrary in 2006 and 2011, not to mention the 100 percent success rate of the Israeli border wall. Republicans claim the wall will work. So who’s right? Enter Carla Provost, the Border Patrol Chief. In a recent interview on Fox News, she was clear. “We certainly do need a wall. Talk to any border agent and they will tell you that,” she said on “Your World.”

Provost said Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi are simply wrong when they contend that the border wall (a) will not work, and (b) will be a waste of tax payer money. She said the $5 billion appropriation has already been “prioritized” to locations where walls should be built along the 1,954-mile border with Mexico.

Provost didn’t stop there. She contends that more billions of dollars are needed to sufficiently secure the border, which would fund new “anti-dig” and other technologies with any new wall construction to further optimize border security. She said, “The president has been extremely supportive,” touting the fact that apprehensions are up 88 percent over last year.

The debate on the wall will continue. Unfortunately, leaders such as the Border Patrol Chief – whose opinions should matter most – will be largely ignored in the process.

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