The Rushmore Report: Bill Clinton’s Incredible Sunday Sermon

Without naming Donald Trump in his speech, former President Bill Clinton warned congregants at a popular black California megachurch on Sunday that the billionaire’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is a code that means “way more than what it sounds like.”

The former president made the comments in a speech during the worship service at the 24,000-member West Angeles Church of God in Christ where he stumped for his wife ahead of the California primary.

He argued that despite a recovery from the 2007-2008 financial crisis, people were still not happy because 80 percent of workers haven’t received a pay raise after inflation since then. Rising inequality, stagnant wages, declining upward mobility and fear of immigrants are growing concerns around the world that have made some in Europe question the need for democracies.

Clinton then warned the congregation that the message behind Trump’s slogan was to take things back to the 1960s in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement. He then promoted Hillary Clinton as the right candidate to lead America at this time while urging them to reject the “politics of division.”

“I ask you to go and vote on election day if you want to build bridges instead of walls. I think you know what to do and I hope you’ll do it. God bless you all.”

Bishop Charles E. Blake would then post a copy of Clinton’s speech on his Facebook page, which has sparked a debate as to whether Clinton should have been allowed to speak without inviting Bernie Sanders, as well. Concerns were also raised about the promotion of a candidate to the church who supports abortion and gay marriage, both of which the church opposes.

Amazingly, Blake’s son responded to the critics by saying inviting Clinton, and only Clinton, to address the church was not in any way an endorsement.

What is clear is that the former president all but called Trump a racist. And this was the Sunday sermon for thousands of people who came to worship Christ. Imagine what Clinton might have said if he had entered the world of “politics of division.”

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Leonardo Blair is a reporter for The Christian Post. He was born in Jamaica, and immigrated to the United States. Blair is a former crime reporter for The New York Post.

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  1. Bro.Robert Mitchell
    Bro.Robert Mitchell says:

    I am a Christian First. But, believe in taking care of our on. I voted for Mr. William Clinton when i was young. due to I thought. the Amier Corps was good. But, I regreted was the wrongful move was passing the free trade agreement. Was not a Greener way of life for this world we call home. As but agreed for the more peaceful approach of politics.I say we need to pay more attention to our country. Special Note: Bro Pres. Goerge Washington once said The starting of any parties within our country will be the fall of our nation. Look at what in the red be cause of that? My Paw-Paw said we need the leave those people alone. They kill theirself’s of end. As it says The book of Revaluation.


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