The Rushmore Report: Being a Proud American Is Easy – Even from Australia

For several years, Anna Kooiman was a successful television reporter and host in America, culminating with a highly visible career at Fox News. But last September, she moved to Australia to be with her Aussie family. Now, Kooiman hosts shows on Australian TV. But she remains a proud American. This is her unique reflection on the country she loves, from the opposite side of the world, in her own words.

“Sitting down to write a piece about what makes me proud to be an American is an easy task because I have thought so much about the topic while living in another country for the last 10 months. Of course, our military strength and long history of strong alliances with other nations make me a proud American – but I feel like those should go without saying. It’s a given! I’ll share a few more reasons I am a proud American this 4th of July.

“America truly is the land of opportunity. The market is big. The needs are diverse. The people have an unshakable work ethic. If you work hard, you can get ahead. My folks are small business owners in Charlotte, North Carolina. They own Oasis Pools and Patio as well as The Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop. Gotta keep food on the table year round! My mom, dad, and older brother’s success with the American dream (as business owners) make me proud to be an American. 

“Before my Aussie husband and I made the move from the USA to Australia, we took an epic American road trip. We packed our belongings and our yellow lab, Baxter, into an RV, and we drove from New York City to San Francisco. We watched the landscapes change from city to mountains to heartlands to coastline. We heard the accents change, we tasted the food of each region and fell in love all over again with the melting pot this great country is today. I called the two week journey our ‘From Sea to Shining Sea Trip.’ It certainly reinforced my passion as a proud American and I now recommend a cross country U.S. road trip to anyone who will listen!”

Kooiman did a great job hosting the July 4 event for Fox. Before the event, she posted, “I hope you enjoy the pictures from our trip and I hope you’ll tune into the FNC Proud American coverage.”

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