The Rushmore Report: America’s Ten Richest Presidents (Before Trump)

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office Friday, he will become the richest president in U.S. history. Forbes estimates his net worth to be about $3.7 billion. But aside from Mr. Trump, who are the wealthiest presidents ever? The following list is adjusted for inflation, so the figures represent today’s dollars. The president who ranks #1 may surprise you.

10. John F. Kennedy – $1 million. Kennedy ranks lower than most would have expected, because while the family tops any other U.S. president’s wealth, JFK didn’t directly own the family’s assets, as it was shared in a trust with other family members.

9. Franklin D. Roosevelt – $66 million. Much of Roosevelt’s wealth was inherited.

8. Bill Clinton – $75 million. Unlike the others on this list, the bulk of Clinton’s wealth has been accumulated after leaving office, mostly through speeches and book deals.

7. Herbert Hoover – $82 million. Hoover made his fortune as a mining company executive and accumulated valuable holdings in several mining companies.

6. Lyndon B. Johnson – $108 million. LBJ inherited a small piece of land in Texas and built it up into the 1,500-acre ranch that became known as the Texas White House.

5. James Madison – $112 million. The fourth president’s fortune came from real estate after he inherited land from his father.

4. Andrew Jackson – $131 million. Jackson became wealthy from land speculation and was one of three investors who founded Memphis.

3. Theodore Roosevelt – $138 million. The 26th president was born into a wealthy New York City family and made money from valuable real estate.

2. Thomas Jefferson – $234 million. Like other presidents, he also inherited a real estate fortune.

1. George Washington – $580 million. Our country’s first president made his enormous fortune as a land speculator.

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