The Rushmore Report: America’s #1 Threat – According to Americans

Barack Obama wanted us to believe the biggest threat facing the American people was gun control or global warming. Many in the GOP say our biggest threat is immigration. During her campaign for president, Hillary Clinton pointed to the threat of big business. But according to a new Gallup Poll, Americans say our greatest threat is something not on that list.

When the Gallup Poll asked Americans to name the “biggest threat to the U.S.,” illegal immigrants were way down on the list of concerns. So were the other issues the presidential candidates focused on.

For the second consecutive year, dissatisfaction with government edged out the economy as the problem more Americans identified as the nation’s top problem, the Gallup Poll reported. “According to Gallup’s monthly measure of the most important problems facing the U.S., more listed some aspect of the government as the country’s chief problem,” wrote Gallup’s analyst Lydia Saad.

“The economy came in a close second, while unemployment and immigration tied for third,” she said. Rounding out the top ten concerns were moral decline, race relations, terrorism, the federal budget deficit, the national debt, and education.

When asked to choose between big government, big labor, and big business, 69 percent said big government was the “biggest threat to America’s future.”

For those wondering, gun control registered #19 on the list of Americans’ concerns. These results help explain why the Democratic Party has lost thousands of seats in national and state elections in recent years.

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