The Rushmore Report: A Christian Response to the Manchester Attack

Evangelists Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have taken to their social media pages to comment on Monday night’s bombing in Manchester, England, that the Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility for. After hearing of the attack that claimed at least 22 lives, Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California called on Christians to pray for the protection of the Unites States.

Laurie wrote, “I just heard the terrible news about what appears to be a terrorist attack in Manchester, England. This is horrible and this is happening while our president is meeting with leaders to try to fight terrorism. We need to realize that there is a spiritual dynamic in play here. When our president says this is good versus evil, there is a lot of truth to that.”

Graham wrote on his Facebook page, “The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the horrific carnage of Monday night’s bombing, targeting children, teens, and their parents who were attending a concert. They’re proud of this despicable and cowardly act.” He continued, “Islam is a threat to our way of life.”

Meanwhile, religious freedom advocate Johnnie Moore, who sits on the president’s evangelical advisory board, quoted from the Old Testament, then called on Americans to pray for the victims and their families.

Graham agreed, adding, “Pray also that God would give wisdom to our leaders in combating this and the courage to identify what it is by name – Islamic terrorism.”

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