The Rushmore Report: 100 Conservative Leaders Urge Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order

Over 100 conservative leaders have signed a letter urging President Donald Trump to sign an executive order on religious freedom that will protect the rights of businesses and individuals to act in accordance with their religious convictions on marriage and sexuality without fear of government backlash. The letter was sent to Trump on Wednesday by members of the Council for National Policy, a coalition of leading social conservative activists headed by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

The White House initially contended that the reported draft order was just one of hundreds of draft orders making the rounds in the administration and that the administration didn’t have immediate plans to issue the order.

However, Ken Blackwell, the domestic policy chair of Trump’s transition team, told The Huffington Post that the religious freedom order is still in the works and “in the process of redrafting.” In fact, The Huffington Post cited Blackwell as assuring that the prospect of the religious freedom order is “far from dead.”

The Council for National Policy’s letter explains that a number of policies and mandates implemented during the Obama administration have been destructive to the First Amendment rights of the American people and much-needed charitable religious institutions.

The letter lists the number of ways Obama’s policies and state and local policies have and could negatively impact businesses and individuals.

Listed as signatories to the letter are many prominent conservative activists, former office holders, and other conservative leaders, including James Dobson, Herman Cain, Ed Meese, and Kelly Shackelford.

The letter states, “We urge you to take action to ensure their freedom to believe and live out those beliefs is protected from government punishment. We, in the conservative movement, stand ready to assist you in your efforts to protect and uphold the freedom of religion in America.”

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Samuel Smith is a writer for The Christian Post, covering cultural and religious freedom issues on a national level.

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