The Question the Media Won’t Ask

At midnight Wednesday, the government will shut down. Or it won’t. Odds are, it won’t. I want to be informed, so Sunday, I did what I do every week. I watched the political shows on NBC (Meet the Press), ABC (This Week), CBS (Face the Nation), Fox (Fox News Sunday), and CNN (State of the Union). Each program discussed the pending shut-down with its guests.

The issue is simple. Some conservative Republicans feel so strongly that Planned Parenthood should be defunded, in light of recent revelations of selling aborted baby body parts for profit, that they will vote against the pending continued funding resolution if it includes federally appropriated dollars for the organization. Democratic congressmen disagree, remaining unified in their support for the leading abortion provider in America. The conservatives want to reroute the same dollars to other women’s health clinics that provide every service that Planned Parenthood provides, other than the abortions. Democrats say they will not agree, and are willing to vote the budget down if it defunds Planned Parenthood, thus shutting down the government.

Each show asked their conservative guests why they would be willing to shut down the government over their position. But not one Democrat was asked the same question. Both sides are willing to shut down the government if they don’t get what they want. President Obama’s position is clear. If the resolution does not include funding for Planned Parenthood, he will veto that resolution, thus shutting down the government. So by sticking to their principles, either side can shut down the government. But only one side will get the blame.


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