The Phonograph

Back in the old days, we had this thing called a cassette player. Before that we had records. They spun around in circles. We even cut them out of the back of cereal boxes sometimes. We played them on something called a record player.

But before that – in the really old days – we had this thing called a phonograph. For that we owe a debt of gratitude to a fellow named Thomas Edison. On this day in history – November 21, 1877 – old Tom announced this new invention. With later development, the phonograph would be called the gramophone (1887) and then the record player (1940s).

Others had invented devices to record sounds, but Edison was the first to invent something that could play those sounds back.

Edison was ahead of the times. I mean, who even needed a record player in the days when they had no records? But give the man credit. He saw what others did not see. That’s called a visionary.

God really uses visionaries. The Bible says that in the last days, men will see visions. It also says that we are dead without a vision. What is your vision? Every man and woman needs a vision.

Success requires a lot of work. It requires risk and creativity. But it all starts with a vision. Just ask Mr. Edison.

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