The Funniest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Miss Ever

A contestant on Wheel of Fortune last Tuesday missed the show’s easiest answer ever. A player identified as “Kevin” was one letter away from solving the puzzle. It read, “A Streatcar Na-ed Desire.” Kevin decided to spin the wheel one more time and landed on the $600 spot. So, for all the money, he chose “K.”

“A Streatcar Naked Desire.”

He was wrong and the crowd let out a collective sigh. His opponent to his left correctly solved the puzzle: “A Streatcar Named Desire.”

“A Streatcar Named Desire” is, of course, the name of the famous play written by American playwright Tennessee Williams.

Pat Sajak, the show’s host, was a good sport. He told the winning contestant, “Although you got the answer right, I’d rather see Kevin’s play. But that’s just me.”

At the end of the show, Sajak gave Kevin one parting shot. “The nice thing I can tell from meeting you, you’re a nice guy and I’ll bet you have really nice friends. They’re not going to make any remarks of you. They’re not going to give you any grief at all. Good luck with that.”

Kevin missed the big money by just one letter. That’s how it is in life. Most misses aren’t big misses – but they have big consequences.

Consider, for example, the man in the Bible known as “the rich young ruler.” Jesus told him, “This one think you lack.” Most of us fall short, not because of many things, but just one.

Which letter is missing from your life?

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