The Fire Upstairs

One evening a few months ago, Marcos Ugarte was doing his homework. His father, Eduardo, a teacher, was busy preparing lesson plans. They heard yelling from outside. They stepped onto the porch and saw the problem. Four doors down, they saw a glow coming from inside a neighbor’s house.

“The house is on fire!” exclaimed Marcos to his dad.

They raced over to the house as the neighbor, Yim Ma, stumbled out, nearly overcome with smoke.

“Is there anyone else in the house?” asked Eduardo.

“Yes, my son Cody!” cried Mr. Ma.

Eduardo ran into the house in search of the boy, but to no avail. Little did he know what his own son was doing.

Marcos heard a noise from the second floor. He grabbed a ladder and raced up to the window. He grabbed the infant boy, Cody. And he carried him down the ladder to safety.

Mark Maunder, the Fire Chief, arrived moments later. He said, “If Marcos had not gone into the fire, Cody would have never come out.”

That is what Jesus did for us on the cross. He went into the fire of temptation, death, and hell, so we could come out.

Of eternity, Jesus said, “Then they would go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life” (Matthew 25:46).

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