The Faith of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a leading contender for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He is known for his outspoken ways, Tea Party credentials, legal background, and staunch conservatism. He is also known for something else – his faith. Outspoken about his love for God, spiritual conversion, and reliance on Scripture, Senator Cruz credits his faith as the cornerstone of his daily life. As we continue our series on The Faith of the Candidates, let’s unpack the faith of one of the most outspoken candidates in the field. What do we know about the faith of Tec Cruz?

1. Senator Cruz’s faith plays a central role in his life.

“Life, liberty, and property, the fundamental natural rights of man, are given to every one of us by God, and the role of government fundamentally is to protect those rights,” he has said. Cruz described faith not as organized religion, but as “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior” in an interview with Pat Robertson.

2. Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist.

“I’m Cuban, Irish, and Italian, and yet somehow I ended up Southern Baptist,” he says. Coming from a family that has been Roman Catholic for generations, his parents “converted while living in Texas and raised me Southern Baptist.” Growing up in Houston, Cruz attended high school at Faith West Academy in Katy, Texas, and later graduated from Second Baptist High School in Houston. The Cruz family has their church membership as Houston’s First Baptist Church.

3. Cruz is adamantly pro-life.

Of this there has never been a doubt. His views allow for abortion only “when a pregnancy endangers the mother’s life.” His position is that even in the case of incest or rape, the fetus is to be protected, for it is life.

4. Though an outspoken Christian, he is dubious of making faith a campaign issue.

Cruz says, “Far too many candidates wear their faith on their sleeve. I am always skeptical of politicians who say, ‘I’m running because God told me to.'” He says politicians have an obligation to “avoid being a Pharisee” and “ostentatiously wrapping yourself in your faith.” Having said that, he refers often to his faith in stump speeches, but the references are rarely planned. His faith is not a compartmentalized part of his life.

5. His faith is a part of his family life.

A recent video aired on The 700 Club featured Cruz reading Proverbs around the dinner table and interacting with his wife, Heidi, and their two daughters at their Houston home. He says their faith brings a bond to their family in their daily lives and in their church life. Cruz seeks to keep God at the center of his life and his family’s life. In an interview with David Brody, he said, “At every stage, my prayer to God is that his will be done.”

Ted Cruz is unabashedly Christian. He is conservative in his politics as well as his theology, embracing the Bible as God’s Word and Jesus Christ as God’s Son and his personal Savior. Cruz is as unwavering in his Christian faith as he is in his constitutional polity. Having given his life to Christ as a teenager, Ted Cruz continues to walk in his faith, as the cornerstone of his personal and private life.


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  1. Clay
    Clay says:

    Jesus Christ should occupy every aspect of ones life, everywhere and everything, including politics, especially politics where we see time and again man and woman fall to the lusts of greed, selfishness, acts of violence and without the ever presence of God in us, the timely prayer, the Bible has the answer to every problem a human being can encounter in life, including politics……………………………………………………………………………………….

  2. Clay
    Clay says:

    Mr. Cruz finds it essential that he counts himself as anything but American. I have no cause to doubt his relationship with God as he professes. His issue with professing Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior is troubling. It was convenient how he would point out that he wouldn’t say ‘God told me to’, when he knows quite well that statement was made by Mr. Carson, a Pharisee indeed. We are Americans in the United States of America, not the United States of Cuba, Ireland or Italy. My litmus is also a patriotic one. I want someone who feels like they are a Christian, Patriotic, American, Constitutionalist, just like the founders.


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