The Best Question Ever

Life is full of questions. Most of us ask over 50 questions a day. Someone made a fortune off the statement, “Don’t ask why.” My response is, “Why not?”

We ask when, where, how, who, and what, dozens of times each day. We ask for help when we are in need. Fifty percent of the adult population asks for directions when they are lost. (The other 50 percent are called “men.”)

Life is full of statements. “Why is grass green? What makes rainbows? Why does Grandpa have more hair growing from his ear than from his head? Why do clocks run clockwise? Why is a fly ball ruled fair when it hits the foul pole? Why do we have to stay out of the pool for 30 minutes after we each lunch?

I have a question of my own. What is the greatest question ever asked? What is the one question we should ask ourselves several times each day? Here’s my suggestion. Ask yourself this, every time you face an important decision – “What is the wise thing to do?”

That’s it! “What is the wise thing to do?” Andy Stanley wrote a whole book on that one question. If you’re like me, the answer will usually be obvious. So try it. It makes life a lot simpler. “What is the wise thing to do?” It really works. But don’t ask me why.

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