The Rushmore Report: It’s Time to Confront Our Suicidal Immigration Laws Honestly

At some point, Congress needs to wake up to the fact that carrying a firearm is a constitutional right, while immigration is not. Whenever there is a major domestic shooting, the Left immediately screams “Gun control.” Never mind it doesn’t work. But when Sharia-believing Muslims from the Middle East commit terrorist acts on our soil – as happened two days ago in New York – the same Left has no desire to even discuss our suicidal immigration policies that facilitate such terrorist acts.

How many more will have to die before we have a national conversation about immigration?

The suspect in Tuesday’s vehicular (no guns were used) jihad attack in Manhattan is reportedly a man named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, an Uzbek national who was apparently issued a green card by Obama’s DHS in 2010.

How did this happen, and what’s the problem?

WABC-NY reports: “Authorities say he came to the United States seven years ago from Uzbekistan under what is called the Diversity Visa Program, which offers a lottery for people from countries with few immigrants in America.”

The terrorist didn’t fly into one of our airports under a false ID, nor did he sail over on an ISIS-sponsored ship. No, we welcomed him through our front door, just like we did the 9/11 hijackers. Meanwhile, Congress has had no serious discussion on the core problem since 9/11.

Immigration by lottery? Seriously? Yes, and we have yet to hear from the man who sponsored this law – the senator from the state where the attack occurred – Chuck Schumer.

Data shows that from 2001-2015, in the 15 years immediately following 9/11, 1.83 million green cards were granted to immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. In fact, we have welcomed more immigrants from Muslim regions than from any other part of the world. And the same politicians who push for such immigration are the first to limit Second Amendment rights.

I offer two groundbreaking ideas.

1. Go to merit-based immigration. The thing is, immigration was not initiated over 200 years ago for the purpose of helping those in inferior lands; immigration’s purpose was to make America better. It’s called putting America first. This is, after all, the country our politicians were elected to represent.

2. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Common liberal ideology acts as though foreigners have a right to free passage to America until proven otherwise. Newsflash – nowhere in our Constitution is immigration a guarantee or right.

Still, every year, we admit 155,000 students per year. This includes 59,000 legal immigrants from Uzbekistan since 2001. Does anyone want to guess how many of these subscribe to Sharia supremacism, which cultivates the climate under which these individuals migrate to America? We can only imagine.

But when President Trump proposes even a modest moratorium on just a few countries which promote and train terrorists, he is shut down. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are more interested in restricting the rights of native-born Americans than restricting the flow of terrorists who have no legal claim on our homeland.

We live in a day when any attempt to restrict the flow of immigrants – avowed to kill Americans – is considered insensitive. It’s time for Congress to stop the nonsense. And frankly, it’s time to stop making counterterrorism exclusively about endless Islamic civil wars overseas.

It’s high time for Congress – Republicans and Democrats alike – to clamp down on immigration. Call it “extreme vetting.” Call it “paranoia.” Call it “insensitive.” I call it “saving American lives.”

It’s time for all of Congress to care about all Americans – enough to do whatever is necessary to keep terrorists at bay. Gun ownership is a right; immigration is not. Is this the right time to pass restrictive immigration policy? No, the right time would have been sometime before Tuesday, when our insane, suicidal immigration policies cost the lives of eight innocent lives.

To rebrand an old phrase: Guns don’t kill people; Islamic terrorist immigrants do. Let the conversation begin. Let the madness end. And may Congress actually step up and spend as much time condemning Islamic terrorists as they do the president’s tweets. Until one of these tweets runs over and kills eight lives on the streets of Manhattan, I humbly suggest, Congress has another job to do.

The Rushmore Report: Atheist Bill Maher – “I Never Hear Anybody Go ‘Merry Christmas’ Before a Bomb Goes Off”

Liberal television personality Bill Maher has offered what would seem to be a surprising defense of Christianity – a faith he mocks regularly. He has expressed his disgust over fellow liberals, regarding Islamic terrorism, noting that he never hears someone scream “Merry Christmas!” before a bomb explodes. Maher made amazing statements, comparing Christianity and Islam, regarding their roles in religion-spawned terrorism.

In the wake of the attack outside the Parliament building in London where a British-born Muslim man named Khalid Massood rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians killing four, including one American, Maher said people ought not “pretend this has nothing to do with Islam, the religion.”

Louise Mensch, a former Conservative member of the British Parliament and a columnist for Heat Street, disagreed. “It has nothing to do with Islam the same way Timothy McVeigh had nothing to do with Roman Catholicism,” Mensch said.

Maher, agitated, persisted. “Every time some bomb goes off, before it goes off, somebody yells ‘Allahu Akbar!'” He continued, “I never hear anybody go ‘Merry Christmas! This one’s for the flying nun!'”

The Rushmore Report: Rudy Giuliani on Guns and Terror

In light of the Orlando terrorist attack of last week, “America’s Mayor” has gone on the record with Greta Van Susteren to share his views of what is needed to keep America safe going forward. The man who navigated New York City through her darkest hours is speaking out. These are his views – in his own words.

Four or five years ago, there was an ISIS, but President Obama said it was the JV Team. On Obama’s watch, it has become the varsity Islamic terrorist organization. Obama did a number of things that contributed to this – not intervening in Syria when he should have five years ago. By doing that he made it possible for ISIS to metastasize. Then his 12 threats to Asad and his failure to take action after those 12 threats lost all credibility for the United States.

The only way to stop extreme Islamic terrorists is to be on offense. When you don’t strike back, or strike back meekly as this administration has done, you invite the kind of attacks like Orlando. ISIS is beginning to expand beyond the Middle East – Obama’s own CIA Director has just confirmed that ISIS is a greater threat today than at any other time.

We’ve had four attacks in less than a year – San Bernardino, Brussels, Paris, and Orlando. And this administration – Obama and Clinton – talk about gun control. But what we have learned is that if they don’t have a gun, they use a knife. If they don’t have a knife, they use a bomb. They will use anthrax. They will use dirty bombs. They will use nuclear material.

Weakness in the face of this kind of insane, evil religious ideology only breeds more attacks, and all Obama and Hillary Clinton have done from the day they started is to take all of our troops out of Iraq, taking all of our troops out of Afghanistan, leaving nothing behind . . . of course you weren’t going to find out about the development of ISIS. There was nobody there to tell you about it. It is just dumb to not be able to figure out why this was a terrible mistake.

What’s the answer? Number one, you have to call them what they are – Islamic extremist terrorism. Remember who was targeted in Orlando – a group of people considered infidels and the enemy in the minds of these terrorists. They throw homosexual men off buildings. These people aren’t radical Methodists or Presbyterians. They are radical Muslims.

Number two, you have got to put boots on the ground. I never want to hear it again – “no boots on the ground.” Muslims should be temporarily banned from entering America from these countries who wish us harm until the FBI Director says they can vet them. So far he says we can’t.

We have to commit, not just bombings, but troops to wiping them out. We need to create a no-fly zone in Syria. The refugees must be protected in Syria. The President of France is on record as taking a harder position against ISIS than President Obama. That is a national embarrassment.

Donald Trump couldn’t possibly do worse than the policies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When President Roosevelt went to war with the Nazis he didn’t put a time-line on it. When President Lincoln went to war to preserve the Union, he didn’t put a time-line on it. He never said to the South, “We will fight until this day or that day. If you can hold on until then, know we will pull out.”

Under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, the Middle East is worse, our relationship with Russia is worse, things with China are worse. Mrs. Clinton is a complete slave to public opinion polls. She voted for the War in Iraq, but when public opinion switched, she voted to pull out. We need a president like Abraham Lincoln. In 1863, when the public was against the Civil War, he didn’t put a time table on it and then pull out. He would have never said, “We can only take three years of the war.”

We need new leadership to win this war. The current administration has failed. Will Trump succeed? We don’t know yet. But we do know this – what we have done for the past eight years, under Obama and Clinton – has only made things worse. This is beyond dispute.

About the Author

Rudy Giuliani is known as “America’s Mayor” for the way he guided New York City through the events following the terrorist attack on his city September 11, 2001. He is a frequent speaker and writer on a national platform, with a focus on terror and national defense.

Response to Orlando

Sunday, in the early morning hours, Omar Saddiqui Mateen killed at least 49 innocent victims in Orlando, making this the greatest mass shooting in modern American history. Though the story is still unfolding, it is not too early for a response. A more thorough response will be found in this week’s Rushmore Report, to be published early Thursday morning. But what can we say today?

First, we must choose faith over fear. There is an old Scottish proverb that says, “Fear knocked on the door, faith answered, and there was no one there.” Faith is the answer to fear. Faith doesn’t eliminate the things that brought the fear – faith empowers the believer when those things happen. Without faith we cannot please God, according to Scripture. We must choose faith.

Second, we must pray for our leaders. Predictably, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have already begun posturing for political purposes. And I don’t really blame them for that, for they both believe their election would be better for America. But the fact is the shooter was interviewed by the FBI twice, he has not broken any laws, and sometimes evil people do evil things. Blame-casting won’t solve the problem. Pray can. So pray for our leaders.

Third, we must come together as a society. Ethicist Russell Moore tweeted, “Christian, your gay or lesbian neighbor is probably really scared right now. Whatever our genuine disagreements, let’s love and pray.” Ted Cruz noted, “Nobody has a right to murder someone who doesn’t share their faith or sexual orientation.” Jesus said the world will know we are his followers by our love for others. Rather than focus on what separates us, today is the day to celebrate what we share in common as Americans.

More soon . . .


The Rushmore Report: A Christian Response to the Brussels Bombing

I am loathsome to be a government official in Brussels today. My heart is heavy for them, as what options could have prevented the bombing? What more could I possibly do if I’m in office at the Grand Place? Surely the circumstances demand a greater response from me and my peers; but what is it? These questions, and a myriad more, are being asked internally and externally, and I’d be heavy hearted in every possible way.

I tend to believe that the human race is intelligent collectively, and does have everyone’s best interest in mind in the best of circumstances. Yet, in moments of crisis, we can not rely on new systems to secure us, only those which we’ve already instituted, hoping they work.

What more can a society do to prevent mass attacks?

There is only so much that technology and manpower can do. In the face of violent attacks attempted against innocent life, it is up to sober-minded government leaders to do their best with what they have in the time they have to do it in. But this will never and can never be an all-sufficient method of bringing the shalom of God to the world.

The superior course of action is the responsibility of those who have insight into the redeeming methods native to the kingdom of God. Yes, I am loathsome to be a government man in these days, and I admire and support all those who are called, but my heart leaps to be a churchman. For here, I can spend my days actively pressing into the mark of God’s high call on my life: to bring his peace “which passes understanding” into the storms of people’s lives. Collectively, I believe that the world will be transformed, that systems will be healed as much as people, until “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and King.”

What is the world’s response to terrorism?

While I cannot speak for governments, though I am committed to and responsible for them operating with increasing integrity, I can speak for Christians. The Christian response must be one that leans into the opportunity of bringing the Good News of Jesus to broken people. But not as some fix-all soterian prescription that can be doled out by paper tracts. We need Christians, now more than ever, who are mature and fit for weathering life’s tragedies with the resolve of heavenly minded citizens. It is not a day to complain about the weather, about appliances breaking down, or relationships falling apart. Today must be a day that we value lost, perishing souls as an insufferable debt that we must redeem.

Today is a day that we do not wait for governments to offer solutions to responsibilities that are uniquely our own as Christians. We can no longer afford to abdicate responsibility to the corridors of legislation which only temporarily secure our peace of mind. We must exercise our evangelical roots in ever moving outward, and not by methods of invasion or intrusion, but through invitation, through actually being the greatest force for good and love on the planet.

Metal detectors, security details, and military efforts have prevented many deaths. But they can not cure the conditions within, nor can they completely deter the actions without. This is where the Church must continue to rise to her place in serving the world.

For every single act of terror, there are 100 acts of sacrificial love and kindness. The goal is not to shame our enemy, but to shame and expose evil conduct, both the violence of our enemy, and the violence within ourselves. Is the bomber with his finger on the trigger lamenting the 100 Christians who made his family dinner more than he is seething against the ideologies that stain his Qur’an? Perhaps the former would do much to relieve the latter.

I am not a government official, merely a churchman, but in this case, I believe that it is the Church that has the primary role in bringing the shalom of God to the nations. Let the government do what it is able to in so far as it has a responsibility to protect and defend human life. But even its best and most valiant efforts are inferior when compared to the supreme call of bringing God’s transformational kingdom way of living to the world.

Becoming lost in the minutia of politics, order, laws, even religious ideologies and collateral government atrocities, are all distractions from the supreme point: only Christians acting like King Jesus will ever accomplish what governments can dream of.

We must practice in the house of God what we need to export to the nations. We must get love for enemies right in the house first if we are ever to be expected to have traction in lands and cultures that are foreign to us. We must aggressively fight to dismiss the distractions of the enemy that would seek to get us wrapped up and engaged in superficial debate, and instead, plunge ahead into the depths of God which require us to be loving toward those who need it most: our enemies.

About the Author

Christopher Hopper is the associate pastor of New Life Christian Church and head of A&R for Sprig Music in Watertown, New York. He is the author of seven novels, eleven music albums, and helps fund church causes through business development.