The Rushmore Report: Media Lynch Mob Trying to Take Down Trump

Reince Priebus learned a hard lesson over the past six months and America should pay attention to it. After leaving his job as White House Chief of Staff, Priebus told Sean Hannity that the national press is flat-out “dishonest.” He continued, “What I find to be amazing is how narratives are set and a lot of it is not true. The most breathtaking thing for me has been the difference between what is truth and what is reported.”

Preibus was referring to story lines that have taken deep root in the anti-Trump media.

The most prominent one is that Russia and the Trump campaign worked together to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. Hundreds of stories have run bolstering that theory – many of them driven by rank speculation and the use of anonymous sources that are clearly opposed to Trump.

The second story line embraced by the hate-Trump forces is that the president is unfit to hold the office. Under this banner, almost everything the man says or does is reported as a negative. Day after day, the media themes of corruption and incompetence are hammered home with few solid facts to back up the negative expositions. It must be said, however, that Trump’s lack of discipline in replying to the attacks is greatly aiding his opposition.

It is certainly true that every American has the right and perhaps civic duty to form an educated opinion about their leader. But those opinions should be based on facts that demonstrate truth – not contrived narratives designed by partisan ideologies.

And it’s not just the left that is hating Trump. A good number of conservatives are participating in the lynch mob. If you think there wasn’t a dose of personal animus in John McCain’s vote to keep Obamacare intact, you’re living in the Land of Oz. Sen. McCain despises Donald Trump, perhaps with justification, and fully understands how his vote has damaged the president.

Another conservative, pundit Peggy Noonan, recently launched a vicious personal attack on Trump’s manhood. Ms. Noonan basically ignored the unprecedented battering the president has taken in the media as a reason that he might respond to criticism inappropriately at times. She is smart enough to know the media score but not honest enough to provide perspective while denigrating Trump.

By the way, that’s what seeking the truth is all about, providing some honest perspective even if you don’t like someone.

Reince Priebus witnessed the hostile media onslaught up close and personal. At this point in our history, few reporters are actively seeking the truth. Almost all allegations against Trump and his supporters are treated as facts. Conclusions are drawn, narratives spun.

In short, Americans are being barraged with story lines designed to make it impossible for Donald Trump to govern.

This is right out of the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” playbook. Isolate a political target, and hammer the person ceaselessly with whatever you can think of. The truth be damned. Demonize and marginalize your opposition in order to destroy them.

As Sharyl Attkisson’s new book, The Smear, chronicles with facts, the anti-Trump, anti-conservative movement has now become an organized industry in the U.S. with millions of dollars supporting it. More than a few national press people are part of that industry as they print or broadcast unproven accusations using the word “reportedly” to justify spreading unverified information.

It is very possible that the White House does not fully understand the powerful forces arrayed against it. Priebus seems shocked by what he calls “press dishonesty.” But it has been on display for many years.

The difference now is Donald Trump. He is so despised by the progressive movement, and by some conservatives as well, that old rules of fairness and truth-seeking no longer apply. It is obviously wrong for the press to insinuate and then promote conclusions based upon biased conjecture, but in some media precincts the “get Trump” end justifies the means.

Presidential tweets and charges of fake news are not going to be enough to blunt the media corruption that has so horrified Reince Preibus.

Only a full, methodical exposure of it to the American people may provide some balance.

About the Author

Bill O’Reilly is a writer for The Hill, and former host of The O’Reilly Factor, the most watched show in the history of cable news.




The Rushmore Report: Al Michaels Made This Joke During NFL Game – No One Is Laughing

A number of NFL fans were outraged Sunday night, but not because the players were kneeling during the national anthem. This week, their displeasure was directed at NBC sportscaster Al Michaels, who made an off-color joke during a game between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos. It happened in the third quarter. And what the iconic sportscaster said has brought widespread condemnation.

Michaels threw out this bit of commentary: “Let’s face it, the Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein, and they’re up by 14 points.”

Later in the game, Michaels  apologized for the joke. “Sorry I made a reference earlier before. I tried to be a little flip about somebody obviously very much in the news all over the country,” he said. “It was not meant in that manner. So, my apologies. And we’ll just leave it at that.”

But that didn’t stop viewers from tearing into the sportscaster on Twitter.

Commentator Mike Freeman wrote, “Did Al Michaels just really say that?” Doug Farrar added, “Al Michaels is probably the best play-by-play guy in history. But that was a big, big lapse in judgment.”

Was this really a “big lapse in judgment”? Or are people overreacting – as is so often the case these days? Time will tell. What is certain, however, is that we live in a time when people are judged more by the words they say than by the actions they take.

In the future, expect Al Michaels to stick with his script.

About the Author

Erika Haas is a new contributor for Townhall and a recent graduate of Syracuse University.

The Rushmore Report: Is Bill O’Reilly Coming Back to Fox News?

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly joined Sean Hannity on his radio program Monday for a rare public conversation between the two conservative stars, during which Hannity recommended that O’Reilly come back to the cable news network. “We crushed CNN and MSNBC. Crushed them,” O’Reilly said to Hannity. But would he come back to Fox News? Hannity asked him that very question. “Do you want to come back to Fox News?” Hannity asked. “I think you should come back.” Bill O’Reilly’s response may surprise.

As the two media giants discussed what they see as a well-organized, well-funded “agenda from the left” to take down conservative media voices, Hannity popped the question. O’Reilly replied, “I’m at the beach every day. You want to bring me back into the swamp?”

“I think you want back in the swamp, and I think you’d love it back in the swamp,” Hannity responded. “I know your fans would like you back on too, and there’s not a day that goes by that people don’t ask me, ‘How’s O’Reilly doing? When is he coming back?'”

Hannity pushed hard. “Would you consider at some date coming back to Fox?”

“I don’t know,” O’Reilly replied. “I have to get this legal stuff done. I have to get this investigation done.”

O’Reilly was referring to an investigation he revealed he’s conducting into what he believes was a concerted effort to get him ousted from Fox News.

“We’re going to be very precise,” O’Reilly said, adding it will be based on “stone cold facts.”

“What we’re going to uncover is shocking,” he added, without going into any detail.

The two men were almost never seen together on Fox News, and they were rumored to not be friendly toward one another. “I do have a regret. I think we were at each other’s throats a little too much,” Hannity said, adding, “Don’t you regret not being nicer to me? You should have been nicer to me.”

O’Reilly laughed it off while revealing the two men once went to a Tom Jones concert in Atlantic City together. O’Reilly also praised Hannity for the way he handled a Media Matters-led advertisers boycott by going on the offensive on his radio and television programs, as well as on social media.

“You brought it right to the folks,” O’Reilly said. “You’re a lot smarter than I am, Hannity. I should’ve done exactly what you did.”

O’Reilly lost more than 50 advertisers after a New York Times story on April 1 reported that he paid five women $13 million in payouts over allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

The longtime cable news ratings king was fired from Fox News on April 19.


The Rushmore Report: How Does MSNBC’s Joy Reid Still Have a Job?

MSNBC is still masquerading as a news organization. I wish I could find someone naive enough to still see them as such so I could unload my Edsel stock. The gap between the far-left media and human decency has never been wider. Case in point – “reporter” Joy Reid, of MSNBC. What she gets away with, were it said by a Fox News reporter about President Obama, would heap shame and embarrassment upon her and her network.

But MSNBC is not easily shamed. Of course, they have every right to promote their socialist-democrat views 24 hours a day, whether anyone is actually watching or not. That is not offensive. To many, their views are dangerous, but as long as we hang onto this much-maligned thing called The First Amendment, they have every right to broadcast anything short of screaming “Fire!” in a movie theater.

Socialism isn’t their greatest sin. Neither is liberalism nor leftist ideology.

The sin of MSNBC is indecency.

I return to Joy Reid. Tuesday, Reid referred to President Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” on twitter, borrowing a phrase from Hillary Clinton, who, to her credit, has long since backtracked on her comments. In condemning Trump’s “America First” speech before the United Nations (a concept that obviously is as offensive to Ms. Reid as her comments are to the rest of us), she said, “Sometimes I think Donald Trump has given up on the idea of ever being respected by anyone other than his ‘deplorables.'”

What set her off was Trump’s statement that the United States could utterly destroy North Korea. Reid is apparently unaware that President Obama said the same thing just two years ago.

Joy Reid is no stranger to outlandish comments.

Last week, the host of AM Joy said that now “is the worst time to be a human” in the history of civilization, simply because she disagrees with the politics of the president. Really? This is “the worst time to be a human”? I’m guessing there were a few Christians who would have been happy to give up their place in the lion’s den for the persecution of 21st century America. I’m guessing a few Jews from 70 years ago would have preferred Trump’s policies to Hitler’s. And I’m pretty sure my granddad (WWI) and dad (WWII) would look at us now and say we really don’t have it that bad.

But there’s more.

Back in June, Reid criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), while he was still hospitalized after being shot. I guess there’s nothing “deplorable” about that, according to MSNBC.

I must ask it again. How does MSNBC’s Joy Reid still have a job? Imagine the outcry if Sean Hannity said anyone who voted for Obama was “deplorable,” that Obama made this the “worst time to be a human,” and then criticized Democratic Representative Gabriella Giffords after she was shot in Arizona.

Would Sean Hannity still have a job? Of course not. Does Joy Reid still have a job? Of course she does. And that makes this a sad day for MSNBC. One might even say it’s “deplorable.”

The Rushmore Report: Is There Really an Anti-Trump Bias in the Media? The Facts

Monday, I watched the 35-minute heated exchange between Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and CNN host Chris Cuomo. At the root of their debate was alleged anti-Trump bias in the media. While Conway chastised Cuomo for focusing almost exclusively on negative coverage, while ignoring the great jobs reports and foreign policy achievements, Cuomo insisted CNN is balanced. Who is right? Is bias real, or just a Republican talking point? Here are the facts – and what they reveal is quite astonishing.

Is bias real? In a word, yes. In two words, of course. In five words, is that a serious question?

Here are the numbers.

Columnist Paul Bedard has surveyed dozens of news outlets and media contributions in the 2016 election. What did he find? An amazing 81 percent of all coverage of Trump was negative. And 96 percent of the money given by the media went to the Clinton campaign.

Writing for the Washington Times, Jennifer Harper cited a Harvard University survey that found that 80 percent of print and broadcast coverage of Trump was negative in his first 100 days in office. They also found that 54 percent now see the mainstream media as “the opposition party” to the White House.

The Center for Public Integrity conducted a study that concluded that 90 percent of national broadcasters who gave money to a presidential candidate gave all of their money to Mrs. Clinton.

Bob Adelmann, writing for The New American, has more numbers. NBC, CBS, and ABC combined to cover negative stories about Trump versus positive news by a rate of four to one. At CNN and MSNBC, 93 percent of all stories on the president are negative. The rate of negativity in the national print media is just as one-sided: New York Times (87 percent negative coverage), and The Washington Post (83 percent).

If there was still any doubt, the verdict is in. The media is biased against the president, they cover Russia more than America, and if Donald Trump walked on water, they’d criticize him for not being able to swim.

President Trump could cure cancer, solve world hunger, and heal the blind – and it still wouldn’t be enough. He could personally eradicate poverty, pay off the national debt, and buy every American a new house on the beach, and the media would still fixate over his latest tweet. Unemployment could hit zero percent, the Dow could top 30,000, and the Beatles could do a reunion tour, and you wouldn’t hear about any of it – if you only watch CNN.

So what’s the solution for Mr. Trump and conservatives? Do what Ronald Reagan did. Do your job, take your case to the American people, and ignore the biased media. Or the president can wait for the likes of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and The New York Times to suddenly become this thing we call “journalists.”

Good luck with that.

The Rushmore Report: The ‘Dark Soul’ of Johnny Depp

Last week, actor Johnny Depp said it may be time for another president to be assassinated by an actor. Of course, Hollywood and the Democratic-controlled media have virtually ignored his outrageous, indefensible comments. But that didn’t keep Franklin Graham from speaking out. “Johnny Depp is one dark soul. To even suggest the possibility of assassinating the president is shameful,” he said.

Depp made his comments at the Glastonbury Festival in England last Thursday. His exact words: “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I’m not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it’s been awhile, and maybe it’s time.”

Graham did not just condemn Depp’s statement. He offered the troubled actor a way out.

“Jesus Christ died on the cross for all dark souls – even mine. My prayer is that Johnny Depp will one day come to know the Savior who died so that he could be saved from his sins. Jesus Christ alone can change the human heart and bring us from darkness to light,” Graham said. He then quoted John 8:12. “Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The White House offered this response: “President Trump has condemned violence in all forms and it is sad that others like Johnny Depp have not followed his lead. We hope that some of Mr. Depp’s colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would have if this was directed toward a Democrat elected official.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time liberal “entertainers” have called for violence against the president. In May, comedian Kathy Griffin posed with a severed and bloodied mannequin head in a blonde wig to resemble Trump.

Rapper Snoop Dogg released a music video in March. It depicts himself shooting President Trump in the head.

Madonna was among the first to joke about harming the president. During the Women’s March on Washington in January, she publicly said she thought about “blowing up the White House.”

The only thing more shocking than the complete look the other way by Hollywood and the mainstream media is the notion that if conservative entertainers had suggested the beheading or shooting of President Obama, liberals would be so quick to give them a pass.

There is not an actor or performer who would still have a job had they said and done the things against Obama that are being said and done against Trump.

The bad news is that Hollywood and the mainstream media are complicit with their silence.

The good news is that most Americans don’t care what Hollywood or the mainstream media are saying these days.

I applaud Franklin Graham. Rather than rant – as is the common response from the right – he understands the real issues for the likes of Johnny Depp, Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna. He understands that the answer to darkness is not logical discourse. That rarely helps in times like these. The answer to darkness is light.

For those of us who find such hateful speech from the left deplorable, we must never forget our battle is not with flesh and blood, but the powers of darkness.

Jesus nailed it when he said we are to let our light shine before men – because light is the only thing that can ever drown out the darkness.

The Rushmore Report: Does Late Night TV Really Treat Trump Differently than Other Presidents?

This past week, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert have said things about President Trump that would have gotten any late night “comedian” fired had they said the same things about President Obama. Of that there is no dispute. But overall, are things really that much different than in recent years? Does late night TV really offer unbalanced attacks against Mr. Trump, compared to Obama, for example? The data is in and the answer is clear.


Over Trump’s first 100 days in office, late night jokes targeted Trump 1,060 times, according to a study by George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs. Those 1,060 punchlines tower over the numbers hit during the entire first year of recent presidents. For example, Mr. Obama was targeted 936 times in his first year. Trump is on pace for 3,557 attacks during his first year, or 3.8 times more than Obama.

Perhaps the reason is that Trump invites such criticisms/jokes. Not so fast. What could have possibly provided more fodder for late-night comedians than the Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky? Yet, Clinton’s 1,717 jokes in 1998 were less than half of what Trump is facing in 2017.

So far this year, Trump-targeted jabs have outpaced jokes told about all Democrats, 1,060-95. That’s a ratio of 11/1.

But many will contend Mr. Trump says things that invite such cynicism and ridicule. Again, not so fast. Trump’s family members have been targeted 97 times, more than all Democrats combined. Let me say that again. Late night television is going after the President’s wife, daughter, and ten-year-old son at a higher frequency than their combined attacks on the 241 elected Democrats who populate the Senate and House of Representatives.

The George Mason University report concludes that Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel have ridiculed the President’s immediate family more than they have attacked Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi (“You must pass the Democratic bill before you can read it”) and Chuck Schumer (“We will oppose this president at every turn”).

Can you imagine the outcry if the media had attacked Chelsea Clinton or Barack Obama’s wife or children this way?

I remember a time when the President’s family was off-limits. I remember a time when late-night comedians would have been fired for making “jokes” about incest within the President’s family and bleeped-out “jokes” about his manhood. I remember a time when such despicable, immoral speech would earn universal condemnation among an unbiased mainstream media. I even remember a time when we had an unbiased mainstream media.

I really feel old.

The Rushmore Report: Outrage Over United Airlines and Sean Spicer, but Not Slaughtered Christians

A United Airlines passenger is violently hauled off a plane, and there is a national outrage, and rightly so. Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that Assad is worse than Hitler, and again, there is national outrage, and rightly so. Forty-five Egyptian Christians are slaughtered by ISIS while attending church services on Palm Sunday, and scores of others are wounded, and there is barely a national yawn. How can this be?

You might say, “That’s easy. The first two events took place right in front of our eyes, here in America. The third event took place in Egypt, and as tragic as it was, it’s a matter of out of sight, out of mind.”

I understand that. But what about the Islamic terror attack on the Brussels airport last year, killing more than 30 people? That was covered by our media day and night, with footage from the blast shown over and over by the hour.

And what about the Islamic terror attack in France, when a driver plowed his truck into hundreds of people in Nice, killing more than 80? That too received day and night coverage, with the bloody footage, including dead children lying in the streets, put before us by the hour.

But when it’s Christians being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists while worshiping the Lord in the safety of their church buildings, it only receives passing mention on our networks. Why?

For the last decade, a Christian genocide has been taking place in the Middle East representing one of the ugliest chapters in recent human history, yet most Americans remain sadly uninformed. The secular media is complicit.

We’re talking about multiplied hundreds of thousands of Christians being displaced, exiled, attacked, maimed, tortured, starved, and killed. We’re talking about a crisis of epic proportions, yet the news coverage this ongoing tragedy receives is negligible. Why?

Whatever the reason, there is a solution to the media’s silence.

All of us can raise our voices and draw attention to the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East (and elsewhere). And all of us can pray for their protection, their courage, and their comfort.

In the words of the Letter to the Hebrews: “Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies” (Hebrews 13:3).

About the Author

Dr. Michael Brown is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. His latest book, Breaking the Stronghold of Food, was just released.

The Rushmore Report: Trump vs Obama – Who Was Harder on the Media?

The mainstream media continues to react with righteous indignation over comments from President Trump and his top advisers. His statements about the “fake media” are unprecedented, right? Actually, Trump isn’t the only president to wage war on the press. In fact, when comparing the actions taken by President Obama vs Mr. Trump, it’s shocking – and not even close.

The Obama Administration began with lofty promises of being “the most transparent administration in history.” And as a child, I promised to be the first person in my family to walk on the moon. Saying it doesn’t make it so.

For those who are outraged at Trump’s treatment of the press, let’s rewind the tape.

Exhibit A – Freedom of Information Act

The Obama Administration set a record. According to the Associated Press, the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in history” denied more Freedom of Information Act requests than any other administration in American history. Simply said, when the media cited their constitutional right to news that had been sealed by the Obama Administration, their request for “transparency” was consistently denied.

Exhibit B – War on Fox News

Early in its first year, the Obama Administration declared war on the most watched cable news channel in America. (It’s not even close.) Here’s what happened. The White House communications director, Anita Dunn, announced their intent to treat Fox News “like an opponent,” insisting, “we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.”

Trump talks tough – criticizing CNN, for example. But Obama followed through with actions unprecedented by Trump or any other administration in modern American history. They denied Fox News from attending presidential press gatherings.

Exhibit C – Talk radio

President Obama made it a habit of criticizing conservative talk radio whenever his poll numbers dipped. Amazingly, he even said that these “domestic propagandists” were far more dangerous to America than any interference from hostile powers like Russia.

Exhibit D – Surveillance of James Rosen

When the State Department was criticized by Fox News’ James Rosen, they ordered his movements tracked and his phone records seized. It was later confirmed that they were monitoring his emails, as well.

Exhibit E – Treatment of the Associated Press

The AP underwent unprecedented surveillance by the Obama team. For two months, the Department of Justice tracked 20 AP reporters’ calls, following a reported failed plot in Libya. The crime? The AP reported the news before the Administration did.

It is pretty hard to justify some of the things President Trump tweets and says about the media. But he does have a point. As a specific example, he recently decried the media’s mishandling of his statement on “fake media.” Trump’s actual statement had been that the “fake media” was an opponent to his Administration. In his follow-up statement, he pointed out that they had incorrectly quoted him as saying the “media” was an opponent to his Administration.

Because I record so many political shows, I went back and watched the tape. Sure enough, George Stephanopoulos left out the all-important word “fake.” “President Trump said ‘the media’ is the opponent of his Administration,” he said on ABC’s This Week.

Again, Trump needs a trusted confidant to whisper (better yet, shout) in his ear, “Enough already with the incessant tweeting about the media.” But where he has spoken words, President Obama actually did things – unprecedented things – to harm the media and keep them from doing their constitutionally protected work.

Obama vs Trump. One Administration set the record for denying Freedom of Information requests. One Administration conducted surveillance on a reporter and an entire news organization. One Administration banned the most popular news cable network from their press conferences. And that Administration was not Donald Trump’s.

The Rushmore Report: NBC, Rosie O’Donnell Attack Barron Trump

On November 21, “comedian” Rosie O’Donnell posted a video featuring Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son, with the caption “Barron Trump autistic?” Not to be outdone, NBC writer Katie Rich tweeted the following after the inauguration: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” Can you imagine such treatment of Malia or Sasha Obama?

Let’s start with O’Donnell’s statement. We know three things. First, she said it. Second, she never offered a public apology. Third, the media basically ignored it.

Let’s consider Rich’s statement. The writer for Saturday Night Live tweeted her outrageous message to the Twitter world, then deleted it – after she knew it had been seen by millions. Again, there has been scant coverage by the media and she has not been fired by NBC.

There used to be this universally accepted practice in American politics – the president’s family was off-limits. In eight years, we never saw this kind of filth aimed at Obama’s daughters. If a conservative writer or entertainer had said such despicable things about President Obama’s daughters, they would have been fired.

But this is Donald Trump’s family. So, NBC offered no correction of condemnation of Rich’s statement. ABC continues to feature O’Donnell on The Match Game. For Katie Rich and Rosie O’Donnell there has been no price to pay for accusing the President’s 10-year-old son of being autistic and a future mass murderer.

Still some insist there is no double standard in the media. You need to find these people and sell them your stock in the Ford Edsel, while their ignorance of reality persists.