The Proposal

Lady Gaga said, “I’m a religious woman that is confused about religion.”

Lady Gaga confused? Let’s talk about it.

Let’s liken this religion thing to marriage. In the Bible there are scores of famous couples: Adam and Eve, Jacob and Rachel, Abraham and Sarah, David and Bathsheba. But there was another couple: Hosea and Gomer. (Gomer was the girl.) Here’s what happened. God told Hosea to pursue Gomer in marriage, knowing Gomer has a checkered past and a lousy present. She was not a one-man gal.

Hosea married Gomer. Their marriage was a parable on life.

God pursues us when we are not worthy. It is not about religion, but a relationship. You need to see God as the one who is pursuing you. He will keep pursuing you.

This is his proposal: “Marry me. Commit to me.”

God can change your life. But you must first accept his proposal. Turn to him and say “yes.” Jesus called this being “born again.”