The Rushmore Report – Guess America’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

The survey is in and Americans have spoken. For the third year in a row, they have agreed on the best fast food chain in the country. Is it McDonald’s? Taco Bell? Subway? Pizza Hut? Those are all among the most popular, but Americans’ favorite fast food restaurant is the one most criticized in the national press. And it is the only one that does not open on Sundays. So which fast food chain is tops among American consumers?


“Chick-fil-A was named America’s top fast food chain for the third year in a row in the 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Restaurant Report, which surveyed more than 22,500 American consumers, reports the Ledger-Enquirer .

The Left’s most hated chain beat out notable names such as Pizza Hut, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Subway, and Starbucks for the title. It totaled a satisfaction score of 87, trailed by Panera Bread and Papa John’s, which each had 82. Subway was next with a score of 81.

The report continued, “The chicken specialist dominates the rankings with the highest score across both restaurant categories, and its food quality continues to rate higher than the competition. Chick-fil-A maintains a wise lead over chicken rival KFC, which slipped to a score of 77.”

The Atlanta-based company has held the top spot for three years in a row, which means their popularity only climbed following the backlash over CEO Dan Cathy expressing support for traditional marriage. The controversy reached such a fever pitch that even city mayors tried to ban them from doing business.

And this year, two major publications have begged people to boycott the business: the New Yorker and Huffington Post. But none of the backlash has diminished the purpose of Chick-fil-A to offer the best customer satisfaction in the business. In fact, no one does it better.


The Rushmore Report – American Patriotism Hits 18-Year Low; Here’s Why

The number of United States citizens who consider themselves “extremely proud” to be Americans has hit an 19-year low, according to polling by Gallup. According to findings released Monday, Gallup reported that 47 percent of Americans consider themselves “extremely proud” of being Americans. But the downturn in patriotism is not a national trend as much as a trend within members of one political party. But which one?

Gallup found that there was a distinct political element to the decline, as there were “sharp declines evident among Democrats and political liberals and no decrease among Republicans and conservatives.”

They concluded, “Left-leaning groups’ antipathy toward Donald Trump and their belief that other countries look unfavorably on the president are likely factors in their decline in patriotism, particularly the sharp drops in the past year. But the declines began before Trump was elected.”

The data came from a poll conducted by Gallup June 1-13 from a random sample of 1,520 adults, with a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. Gallup first conducted this survey in 2001, with 55 percent of Americans identifying as “extremely proud.” The highest number reported came in 2004 when 70 percent of respondents identified as “extremely proud.”

“After the 9/11 terror attacks caused the public to rally around the nation and its leaders, the percentage expressing extreme pride in the country increased to 65 percent, and went up further to 70 percent less than two years later,” explained Gallup.

“By 2005, about the time George W. Bush was set to begin his second term in office and the U.S. was going on its second year of military involvement in Iraq, the percentage of Americans who were extremely proud fell to 61 percent.”

About the Author

Michael Gryboski writes for The Christian Post.

The Rushmore Report – ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Stands Up for Christ

Joseph O’Brien is a student at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. But he’s not your average Joe. Joe’s got talent. And because Joe lives in America, America’s got talent. So it was a natural fit for Joseph O’Brien to try out for America’s Got Talent. He made it. Last week he played keyboard and sang a rendition of “Hello” by Lionel Richie. He received a standing ovation from the crowd. But it was what he said next that is newsworthy.

The judges loved him. Judge Mel B. said, “There’s so much potential of where you could go with your vocals. I absolutely adore you.”

Howie Mandel said he sensed O’Brien was nervous, but believed he could go far on the show.

Another judge, Heidi Klum, added, “I absolutely love it.” Then all four judges voted to promote him to the next round.

But before he sang, the native of Columbia, Tennessee was asked a few awkward questions about dating and kissing. Klum asked him if he came alone to the show.

“I’m by myself,” O’Brien responded.

Klum continued, “Do you have a girlfriend or a wife?”

Joe said, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve actually been single my whole life. I’ve never been on a legit date or anything like that.”

“Really? You’re a handsome guy. How is that possible?”

“I guess the right opportunity hasn’t come along,” O’Brien countered.

While the other judges looked on in disbelief, Klum continued. “Have you ever kissed anyone?” she asked.

“No, I have not,” he said.

Klum let it go at that.

O’Brien’s Facebook page says: “My goal is to write music that is centered around Scripture and inspires a generation to stand up for Jesus Christ!” His father, Michael O’Brien, is a former member of the group NewSong.

Denny Burk, professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College, said he, too, was impressed. O’Brien is one of his students. Boyce is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I thought Joseph’s performance was fantastic,” Burk told ChristianHeadlines. “He is a rare talent. His poise and good humor in the face of awkward questions from the judges was impressive. I couldn’t be more proud.”

To their credit, the panel of America’s Got Talent did not denigrate O’Brien because of his faith and strong moral stance. And to his credit, Joe O’Brien took a stand for Christ . . . one that will not be soon forgotten.

The Rushmore Report – Eight Take-Aways from June Economic Report

Traditionally, the worst thing that can happen ahead of midterm elections is for the economy to be noticeably improving, and, unfortunately for Democrats, that’s exactly what’s happening, including a record-breaking low unemployment rate for Hispanics and more people in the workforce than ever. Below are some key takeaways from the June jobs report, which had mostly good news on the economy.

1. The number of employed Americans set a new all-time record: 

We now have over 155 million Americans in the work force. Despite that historic high, some 95,502,000 Americans are still not in the labor force.

2. The economy added 213,000 nonfarm jobs in June.

This was better than economists’ prediction of 195,000 new jobs.

3. The jobless rate ticked up to 4% from 3.8%.

This is due to an increased number of people looking for jobs. Despite the increase, however, the jobless rate is still a pretty healthy number. Last month’s 3.8 percent was tied for the best since 1969, CNBC notes.

4. The labor force participation rate continues to trend down.

This is in part because of retiring Baby Boomers. A low labor force participation rate traditionally has a negative impact on the economy and tax revenues. Of the 257,642,000 civilian non-institutionalized Americans at least 16 years old, 62.9 percent (162,140,000) either hold a job or are actively looking for a job.

5. The unemployment rate among Hispanics reached an all-time low of 4.6%. 

Prior to the new record, CNS notes, the lowest unemployment rate for the group since BLS started tracking the statistic in 1973 was 4.8 percent, which it reached during four months of the Trump administration and one time in 2006.

6. The unemployment rate among African Americans increased. 

Still near historically low numbers, unemployment among African Americans rose from 5.9 percent in May to 6.5 percent in June.

7. Hourly wages are up from last year. 

Pay increases averaged a 72 cents per hour improvement over last year, which represents a 2.7 percent increase.

8. Nonfarm payroll increases from both April and May were revised up.

Job gains were raised from 159,000 to 175,000 and from 223,000 to 224,000, respectively.

About the Author

James Barrett writes for The Daily Wire.

The Rushmore Report – The Senator on a Mission from God

He’s at it again, poking his finger in the eye of the elite media and secularists everywhere. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had the audacity to tweet that it’s a bad idea to use the “f-word.” A call for decency – how dare him! This was his specific statement that has infuriated so many: “Sign of the times . . . the F word is now routinely used in news stories, tweets, etc. It’s not even F*** anymore. Who made that decision?”

Many in the mainstream media have suggested that this tweet was meant to criticize a survivor of the Capital Gazette shooting, Selene San Felice, who went on CNN claiming that she “couldn’t give a f*** about the offer of prayers, if there’s nothing else.”

Never mind, there is zero evidence that this was the object of Rubio’s ire, or that he even saw the interview. The odds of Rubio being a regular CNN viewer aren’t too high, actually.

But never one to let facts or research get in the way of a good story, technology outlet Mashable published an article claiming that Rubio “is more concerned about a naughty word used in a news report” than he is about the most recent mass shooting. The author of the article went on to list seven things Rubio should be more concerned about than mainstream profanity.

Other media outlets, such as Salon, piled on, running the story, and more.

Actually, it is possible to be upset about the cultural demise of America and mass shootings at the same time. Rubio has, after all, proposed real legislation to reduce mass shootings. But to get into the facts would only ruin a good story for Salon and others.

This attack on Sen. Rubio is nothing new. He has been on a mission for God for some time now. He continues to tweet daily Bible verses, such as this one a few weeks ago: “The LORD is my strength and my shield, in whom my heart trusts. I am helped, so my heart rejoices; with my song I praise him” (Psalm 28:7).

So there you have it. Sen. Rubio is for God and against public displays of profanity. You might as well get used to it, because he isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because Marco Rubio is clearly on a mission from God.

The Rushmore Report – The Funniest Answer to Gun Violence (By a U.S. Senator)

Gun violence is not funny. But the response of one United States Senator is. Appearing on CNN’s new “Cuomo Prime Time” last week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) discussed the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper. Cuomo asked the Senator, “Are you aware of anything on the federal level that is being done to deal with these issues?” Gillibrand’s response elicited a collective “Huh?” from Cuomo’s anemic national audience.

Cuomo continued, “We know what the states are doing, but on the federal level, is there anything to give any hope for any kind of momentum?”

Gillibrand responded by praising leftist Parkland activists as she said the Democrats needed to flip both the House and the Senate to be able to do something about gun violence.

She said, “I am optimistic that when we do flip the House and Senate, our first vote can be on common-sense assault weapons and the large magazines, ban the bump-stocks, have a universal background check system where terrorists can’t get access to weapons, and then have the investments in mental health that have been needed for a very long time.”

Of course, Cuomo didn’t challenge the Senator’s solution to the Maryland shooting. Had he passed a high school journalism class, Cuomo might have said something like this:

“Senator, did you just say the solution to the Maryland shooting is to ban assault weapons, large magazines, and bump-stocks?”

Gillibrand: “Yes, Chris, that is what I said.”

Cuomo: “Are you aware, Senator, that the shooting was done with a shotgun?”

Now, we know that conversation would never take place, at least not on CNN. But aside from Senator Gillibrand’s apparent ignorance of the basic details of the shooting she went on the air to condemn, and the death of journalism in most corners, there is a bigger point.

There’s not a gun law on the books – or on the minds of even the most strident gun control activists – that would have affected the Maryland shooting. Or most shootings.

But even that is not the bigger point. The bigger point is that until America experiences a massive cultural change – brought about by a national spiritual revival – we can pass a million new gun laws and it will not matter. Crazy people do crazy things. And bad people do bad things. The problem is not that we need new laws. The problem is that we need new hearts.

And that is something that is beyond the reach of Congress.


The Rushmore Report – President Trump’s Pick for the Supreme Court

After meeting with several candidates on Saturday, President Donald Trump promised that Americans will have a new nominee for the Supreme Court by July 9. The president spent this past weekend at his golf club in New Jersey, brushing up on judicial philosophy and sitting down for one-on-one meetings with at least five possible nominees. Two of the prospective jurors are women, Trump told reporters. He has reportedly narrowed his search to a handful of federal judges: Brett Kavanaugh, Amul Thapar, Thomas Hardiman, Raymond Kethledge, and Amy Coney Barrett.

The pick here is Amy Coney Barrett, who is popular among conservatives, who cite her recent Senate confirmation hearings for the federal bench, where she was accused by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) of fully espousing Catholic dogma.

The reason I predict Barrett will be the President’s selection is that she was just confirmed by the same Senate that will oversee this process. It will be the height of hypocrisy for senators – who just confirmed her months ago – to turn on her now.

Trump would only say that he believes Barrett is an “outstanding woman,” when speaking with reporters on Air Force One this past weekend, careful to not reveal too much inside information about his selection process.

The July 9 deadline is ambitious; nominees for the Supreme Court must pass an FBI background check before they can even be considered for a spot on the nation’s highest court, and Business Insider reports that agents are still in the midst of vetting several possible candidates. But Trump wants to start the confirmation process as quickly as possible so Republicans can cast their votes ahead of the November elections.

Democrats are eagerly anticipating a partisan fight, but it could be over before it starts. Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) filibuster of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s nomination triggered Republicans to use the so-called “nuclear option,” removing the “super majority” requirement of 60 votes to place a new justice on the nation’s highest court.

Now, the GOP needs just 51 votes to pass the nominee, and in the event of a tie vote, Vice President Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote.

So this nomination process will likely fall to the moderate members of the Republican Party – Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME), both of whom are supporters of Roe v. Wade.

When interviewed over the weekend, President Trump said that he has no plans to ask any prospective justices how they would rule should abortion rights come before the Court again. It probably wouldn’t matter if he – or the Senate – did ask such questions, as nominees have learned to not weigh in on specific issues and cases while testifying before the Senate.

So the president is about to make his second Supreme Court nominee in just a few days. And we think that person will be Amy Coney Barrett.

The Rushmore Report – ‘Abolish ICE’ Zealots Occupy Fantasy Island

“No ban. No wall. No borders at all.” That is the radical rallying cry of the Democratic Socialists of America. Waving desecrated U.S. flags, grubby fists and ratty anarchy banners, DSA’s professional protesters are targeting Trump administration officials, threatening immigration enforcement agents, and blockading detention facilities and processing centers nationwide. On a similar note, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., proudly marched in a parade last week with a T-shirt emblazoned with “Yo No Creo En Fronteras” — Spanish for “I don’t believe in borders.”

These are abjectly unserious people, operating in bad faith, who pose a serious threat to our nation’s well-being.

In New York, DSA rabble-rousers took over a loading dock used to transport immigrants at an ICE processing center on Varick Street. Genius move. Now, detainees whose bond hearings were canceled because of the protest disruptions face another six or more extra weeks in detention.

In Portland, Oregon, DSA operatives shut down a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office after preventing workers from exiting the building.

In Detroit, organizers disrupted ordinary processing and appointments at a downtown ICE field office and plan to camp out there 24 hours a day until the end of the month. “Our short-term goal is to shut down operations at this particular center,” ringleader Robert Jay explained.

“Our long-term goal is to abolish ICE entirely.”

This reckless, simpleton sentiment doesn’t belong to the fringe of the American left. It is the center. Across the country, supposedly mainstream Democrats, activist groups and entertainers are pushing to “Abolish ICE.” To be clear, if the hashtag didn’t clue you in: They don’t just want to reform or reduce the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which was created by merging existing immigration entities after the 9/11 attacks to better coordinate enforcement against alien lawbreakers inside the country.

They want it gone. Zapped. Poof.

An informational flyer lists the agenda of the ICE breakers:

“A moratorium on deportations.

“End all forms of immigration detention.

“Reimagine Border Patrol as a humanitarian force that rescues migrants, rather than destroying their water supplies to hasten their deaths.”

It seems these hysterical extremists were too busy stalking Republicans at restaurants and blocking roadways to notice the Border Patrol agents in Arizona who rescued 57 illegal immigrants, men, women and children (as young as 1), abandoned by smugglers in 108 degree heat in the Tucson sector this weekend. Or the Border Patrol agents in Texas who rescued a pregnant immigrant woman who nearly drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River illegally.

If the Kumbaya leaders of the Abolish ICE campaign were limited to ragtag millenials demanding the whole world operate like an Oberlin College co-op or Fantasy Island, it would be easy to dismiss. But their ranks are spreading:

Organizers of the Women’s March, endorsed by celebrities, journalists and Democrats, announced this week that the “call to #AbolishICE is a call to eliminate the agency that has been terrorizing immigrant communities for 15 years. Women from all backgrounds must take up @conmijente’s call to #FreeOurFuture.”

Mijente, a Latino activist group leading the Abolish ICE movement, proudly displays on its Twitter home page a huge “Chinga La Migra” banner. (Translation: “F—- the Border Patrol.”)

Endorsing the movement, The Nation magazine dubbed ICE a “mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.”

Reps. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., Jim McGovern, D- Mass., Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and nearly 20 Democratic congressional candidates have all called for eliminating ICE. Boston-area Democratic congressional candidate Ayanna Pressley wants to defund ICE because it’s an “existential threat” to “immigrant communities.”

And New York actress-turned-Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon declared that “ICE is a terrorist organization.”

Silly Cindy is campaigning to destroy ICE’s entire 20,000-person workforce, which handles not only enforcement and removal operations, but also homeland security investigations combating criminal organizations illegally exploiting our travel, trade, financial and immigration systems. That includes international smugglers of women and children, drugs, weapons and cash.

So, how exactly do these ICE-melters propose to deal with criminal alien fugitives, such as the estimated 300,000 deportation absconders who’ve been ordered by immigration judges to leave the country?

How about the 40 percent of illegal aliens, from the pool of between 11 million and 30 million immigration law-breakers, who overstayed their visas and are on the loose doing heaven knows what?

And when will these noble 21st-century abolitionists be stepping up to open their homes to the members of the ICE Most Wanted list, which includes illegal aliens wanted for murder, aggravated homicide, narcotics and human trafficking, and membership in terrorist organizations?

I don’t just question their patriotism. I question their sanity.

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Michelle Malkin is host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates” on Her email address is To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

The Rushmore Report – Tim Allen’s Strange Path to God

He is the star of Last Man Standing, the funniest show on television. Before that, he was the “Tool Man” on Home Improvement. And before that, he was the star of the Santa Clause movies. Tim Allen is one really funny guy. But there is more to his story – much more. Tim Allen has come to faith in God. But the path he took is unlike any you may have ever seen. This is that story.

When Tim Allen was age 11, his father was killed by a drunk driver.

“I wanted answers from God that minute,” he says. “Do you think this is funny? Do you think this is necessary? And I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with my Creator ever since.”

Those were Allen’s words in 2012. His faith has since grown.

He abused drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism and then was arrested and convicted of felony possession of 650 grams of cocaine in 1978.

“Don’t ever sell drugs to policemen,” he says. “They don’t like it, they tend to tell judges, people get you, and then you eat very bad food for a long time.”

After completing a two-year prison sentence, Allen was released and decided to get into comedy, which he says “saved my life.” He would eventually star in the Santa Clause trilogy and much more. Meanwhile, his journey to God was still unfolding.

“For years, I just did not like this idea of God. I was still a churchgoer, but constantly a critic.”

But then the comedian became serious about his quest to know God. As much as he wrestled with his doubts, he couldn’t deny the incredible creation that surrounded him. It begged for a response.

“Whoever built me, this is too much, too weird that it happened by accident. It didn’t happen by accident.”

Slowly, Allen began to open his heart to God. This led to a personal dedication of his life to Jesus Christ, which he says “changed everything.”

Today, Tim Allen has more than a decade of sobriety under his belt. He is happily married to actress Jane Hajduk, has two daughters, and an abiding Christian faith. Asked his best advice to others who struggle with drugs, alcohol, and doubt, his response is unambiguous.

“No man has gone to far. He is still within the reach of God.”

The Rushmore Report – Why Charles Krauthammer Will Be Missed

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and commentator Charles Krauthammer is dying. He’d been battling cancer and seemed to have come out all right, but it took a turn. He released a letter to the media yesterday which was simple in its message, but heartbreaking to read. “I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”

He thanked family and friends for their love and support and then addressed his colleagues, readers and viewers.

“I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking,” Krauthammer wrote. “I am grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation’s destiny.”

Charles Krauthammer played no small role. His depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness were the exception rather than the rule in Washington, D.C. His statements carried twice the heft as most others.

Krauthammer graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1975 and practiced psychiatry. He was a resident and then chief resident in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before bursting on to the political scene.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Charles Krauthammer several times on Boston Herald Radio and each time he was informative, intellectually honest and an absolute pleasure to talk to.

An ex-Democrat, he joked about being a speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale in 1980, remarking, “After 40 years the statute of limitations is up and I can now confess openly.”

He was just as happy to talk about his favorite baseball team, the Washington Nationals, as he was about politics and world events. When a host on Herald Radio quipped about the superiority of the Red Sox over his Nats, he shot back, “Those are fightin’ words.”

Though he was paralyzed in an accident as a young man and confined to a wheelchair, he never expressed self-pity. “All it means is whatever I do is a little bit harder and probably a little bit slower,” he said, “And that’s basically it. Everybody has their cross to bear — everybody.”

Likewise, during his many health struggles he was always stoic and committed to doing his job, showing no hint of the pain he was obviously feeling.

Krauthammer is a man who fell in love with the very concept of America. “America is the only country ever founded on an idea. The only country that is not founded on race or even common history. It’s founded on an idea and the idea is liberty. That is probably the rarest phenomena in the political history of the world; this has never happened before. And not only has it happened, but it’s worked.”

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Tom Shattuck writes for the Boston Herald.