Two Social Workers

Two social workers were walking through a rough part of the city one evening. They heard moans and muted cries for help from a back alley. Upon investigation, they found a semi-conscious man in a pool of blood.

“Help me, I’ve been mugged and viciously beaten,” he cried.

The two social workers turned and walked away.

One remarked to her colleague, “You know the person that did this really needs help.”

Despite the careless attitude of the social workers, they actually have a point. The person who harms another really does need help.

A boy had his bicycle stolen. He told his dad, “I’m gonna git him good, dad! I’m gonna git him good!”

His dad replied, “No, son. You just pray for him. And while you’re at it, thank God that you were the boy who had the bike stolen, and not the boy who did the stealing.”

When we harm another person, in a very real way, we harm ourselves even more.

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