Space Invaders

It is where they launch rockets into space. No, not Cape Canaveral. The other place. Yes, Baikonur, Kazakhstan. A Soyuz spacecraft with two Americans and one Russian on board lifted off from Kazakhstan.

Along for the ride was American computer game millionaire Richard Garriott. Atop a Russian rocket, it soared out of sight. Guided by U.S. astronaut Mickael Fincke and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov, the space traveler was in good hands.

But let’s go back to Richard Garriott. What was he doing there? Why would a man who had millions of dollars blast off into space? Well, Richard has an answer.

“I have about everything there is in this world. But it’s not enough,” he said.

Wow! What a statement! He had everything of this world, and it was not enough. So off he went, chasing after other worlds.

Here’s the good news. God has invaded our universe and our planet, with his love and with his Son. Trust in him. Give him your life. He’s out of this world!

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