Danielle Barnes is like a lot of 24-year-old women. She likes to drive fast. But unfortunately for Danielle, the police in Burlington, Vermont are a lot like other police. They like to stop cars that drive fast. And when those drivers decide a high-speed chase would be more fun, most police are happy to oblige.

Eventually, Danielle gave up. The kind officers wrote her up for excessive speed and for eluding the police. When asked why she was speeding and would not pull over, Danielle had only a moment to think of a good excuse. Did she claim illness or a family emergency? Nope. Give Danielle credit. She was honest.

“The reason I was driving so fast,” she said, “was that I have some drugs here that I need to deliver. I am running late.”

Vermont law is pretty strict about speeding and dealing illegal drugs. If fact, in reward for her honesty, she was arrested for dealing drugs.

Before the judge, Danielle complained, “I was honest with the officer. Doesn’t that count?”

Of course, honesty is a good thing. But not doing anything that you may want to lie about later would be much better!

God is clear about holiness. He says we need to run from sin, even faster than Danielle ran from the police.

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