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Roger Clemens Trial…What A Waste!

Clemens, NOT Guilty!

“Clemens is NOT Guilty!” Arguably one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Roger Clemens was found not guilty of lying to Congress yesterday. Specifically, Clemens had been charged with six counts of perjury, making false statements and obstructing Congress. The government’s star witness, an admitted liar, Brian McNamee, was completely repudiated. A House committee chaired by Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA) had been convened in 2007 following a report issued by a commission headed by former Senator George Mitchell that connected many baseball players, including Clemens, with performance enhancing drugs. Clemens appeared before the panel in 2008, in a much-publicized and much-watched hearing where he denied using such substances. It has been hotly debated whether The United States Congress panel was justified in even convening such hearings, but politicians love the TV cameras, Waxman is a superb example. Clemens name and presence certainly garnered a huge audience for them. Ultimately, they decided Roger Clemens lied to them and decided to charge and try him. Yesterday, the jury of eight women and four men had to determine whether Clemens’ responses to Congressional investigators were “material” (meaning substantive rather than trivial) to the Congressional investigations, among other things, in order to convict him. The jury decided that Clemens remarks did not rise to the level required to convict. The jury decided that Clemens did not obstruct the Congressional investigation. The jury decided that Clemens did not make false statements to Congress. In fact, Roger Clemens was exonerated on all counts. The judge’s comment, “Mr. Clemens, you are free to go.” The Justice Department, which is under investigation for truly substantive charges of breaching our National Security, wasted over four years, millions of taxpayer dollars, and the time of some 179 people interviewed by some 93 federal agents, the time of everyone at the first mistrial, and now the time of the jury, the witnesses, and everyone except the lawyers (who always get paid) to produce the unanimous verdict in favor of Roger Clemens. This trial should have never happened, but we know that grandstanding is the hallmark of entertainers, not statesmen…and the current administration is full of great entertainers, but certainly few statesmen. Why couldn’t someone in the chain-of-command simply said, “NO” after the first Clemens mistrial? Common sense is lacking here. Anybody surprised? Thank God for eight women and four men who used common sense, examined the evidence and said to the government, “Roger Clemens is Not Guilty.” What is written between the lines on such a quick verdict is, “Get your arrogant, governmental nose out of business that really doesn’t concern you!” The Proud Americans rejoice with Roger Clemens. This case is a prime example of misplaced federal priorities. The trial and all of the time and expense should have never happened! What a waste!

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