Remembering Dad

I got the call – 38 years ago today. “Your dad has had a heart attack. Get to the hospital quick.” By the time I got there, he was gone.

But this isn’t about his death. It’s about his life.

I loved my dad. I’ll list just ten of the zillion reasons, in no particular order.

  1. Dad taught me to love and respect my mom.
  2. Dad taught me to reverence God.
  3. Dad taught me how to throw a ball.
  4. Dad took me to Astros baseball games.
  5. Dad led the prayer over the Thanksgiving meal each year.
  6. Dad took me camping – a lot.
  7. Dad bought me two saxophones – and never missed a band concert.
  8. Dad taught me how to play chess.
  9. Dad made my pinewood derby car every year in Cub Scouts.
  10. My pinewood derby car won the race every year in Cub Scouts.

Yes, I loved my dad. I still do. He was a child of the Depression, a World War II hero, an entrepreneur, a business owner, an incredible husband, a great provider, and the best dad I ever knew anything about.

What about your dad? There’s never a bad time to reflect on the good times you once shared – and if he’s still alive, to make more good times.

I miss you, Dad. I always will. Every single day.

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