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Really, Mr. President?

Really, Mr. President? I know it is one of your favorite questions and asking it has become a national pastime, so, gather ‘round Kiddies, it’s time for another edition of, “Really, Mr. President??? When King Barry ascended to the throne in Washington…er…I mean, When Mr. Obama was elected President of the United States, he took an oath of office. Whether his hand was place on a Bible, Jeremiah Wright’s rants, or the Koran (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) is a matter for conjecture, but the Oath of Office was administered and Mr. Obama recited it forthwith. Given the actions of the White House over the past days, the question, “Really, Mr. President?” must be asked again.

Oath of Office

The Oath of Office which Mr. Obama avowed was, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Really, Mr. President? We’re not sure that you understood what you were actually promising to do. If you did then the question, “Really, Mr. President” is all the more disturbing. The first statement is a swearing or affirming a vow. Given the lawlessness of this Administration, we do not believe that “swearing a vow” means any more to this administration than Jeff Dunham’s Achmed dummy promising, “I Keeel You!” It is a funny line when delivered properly but is totally without substance or meaning. So did you mean to promise everything else in the Oath? Really, Mr. President? The vow is to “faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.” The office of the President has always been one-third of the power in Washington. The Legislature and the Supreme Court hold equal power. However, our observations, Barry, lead us to believe that you perceive the other Branches as less significant than yours and Branches which are to be ignored, involved only as a rubber stamp, and even intimidated if your agenda is challenged in any way. Really, Mr. President? Do you really, REALLY believe that you can get away with that for more than four years? Really, Mr. President? The next phrase has to do with ability. I mean, really, Mr. President. You’ve never created a job in your life, or any other of your lives (if you are so inclined in religion). Since you have had no experience outside the public sector and has never received a dollar except at the public trough, your abilities are no doubt limited and we have tried to make exceptions for your lack of experience and expertise. But, given the next words in the Oath, the question again must be asked, “Really,Mr. President?’ Are you really that incompetent and inept? Or are your actions truly devious, deceptive, and destructive to the country that you have been elected to lead? Really, Mr. President! It’s time for a true catharsis. You see, the next phrase in the Oath explains what it is we, Americans, expect you to DO to the best of your ability. To be specific, you promised to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Now, really, Mr. President, did you read and comprehend what it is that you are to do? Can you honestly say that you have done your absolute best to preserve, protect, and defend the WHOLE Constitution of the United States? Really, Mr. President? Nowhere does the Oath you took, mention becoming the Sole Branch of Government. Nowhere does it mention that you can stonewall Congress (By the way, Nixon got thrown out of office for doing exactly that). And nowhere does the oath allow you to decide which parts of the Constitution you will preserve, protect, and defend, and which parts you will simply announce that you don’t agree with, are superior to, and that your administration has no intention to abide by. But you have done it over and over. Really, Mr. President?

Presidential Arrogance

We’ve cited instances of your unacceptable behavior in the past, so we won’t take time to regurgitate them here, but, apparently encouraged by your media hacks, that they will not hold you accountable, you have enlarged your scope. One thing in which you may take comfort, with the election only a few months away, you will not be impeached, tried, and dismissed. We promise…Really! Mr. President. When you stepped to the microphone in the Rose Garden a few days ago and announced that children of illegal aliens would no longer be deported, you had no Constitutional Power to do so. You violated your Oath of Office by simply making such a statement. Really, Mr. President? What are we to do? If you believe that the American public will sit idly on its hands and do nothing, it is because all of your pollsters are talking to Public Union members who can’t, don’t, or won’t think. Just swill from the trough. You really ought to check out the sentiment across the country. Really, Mr. President. You’re in trouble, big trouble…REALLY, Mr. President. When you jump to the defense of Eric Holder and his completely confused and chaotic Department of Justice by claiming Executive Privilege at that last possible moment and announce that this will be the end of the matter. Really, Mr. President, do you even know what “Executive Privilege” means, or probably a better question is, “Do you even care?”

Childishness, Really, Mr. President?

And then, when the Supreme Court upheld the major part of the Arizona immigration bill, which, by the way, was simply restating Federal Laws that your administration has been lax in enforcing, your Homeland Security Administration simply announces that they will not assist Arizona law enforcement in determining whether a properly detained suspect is in the country legally. Really, Mr. President, how childish! No telling what you will say or do when the Obamacare ruling comes down later this week, if it doesn’t please you. Will you take your marbles and go home to pout? Please, Mr. President! Pretty Please!

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