The famous Boston pastor, A. J. Gordon, visited the World’s Fair in Chicago. From a distance he saw a man robed in bright, gaudy Oriental clothes, who appeared to be laboriously turning the crank of a pump and thereby creating a mighty flow of water.

Gordon was impressed with the man’s energy, his smooth motions, and his obvious physical conditioning. He was pumping a tremendous amount of water. Drawing closer, Gordon was surprised to discover that the man was actually made of wood. Instead of turning the crank and making the water flow, the flow of the water was actually turning the crank and thereby making him go!

Are you tired? Most of us are. Half the population doesn’t get enough sleep. That is probably because the other half snores. But either way, we are tired.

One reason may be that we have been doing all the pumping. When you decide to generate all the power, you will always be exhausted. But when you plug into the real Source, you will experience a power you never imagined before. The choice is yours. You can pump or be pumped.

If you are tired of being the pumper, I suggest you become the pumpee.

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