It Happens in September

With September comes several important celebrations in the United States. Though the American experiment is young in view of world history, we have much to be proud of. So let’s consider some of the events that are most noteworthy over the next 30 days. Labor Day – Occurring the first Monday in September, this public […]

August Holidays

With every day comes another opportunity to celebrate something. To that end, as Americans we have 43 days of August holidays. That comes out to 1.3870967741935 holidays for every day. But as you browse through these various holidays, I’m sure you will agree it would be really hard to know which ones to cut out. […]

It Happened in July

In 1963 President Kennedy stood at Rice Stadium in Houston and proclaimed, “We will send a man to the moon and back by the end of this decade. We are going to do it, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” That promised was fulfilled on July 20, 1969, with Apollo 11. […]

July Holidays in America

For those of you on summer vacation, America has something to offer every day of July. On some days, you have multiple options of celebrations and activities. Here is a sampling of July holidays in America. 1 – Canada Day 1 – Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day 1 – International Joke Day 2 – I […]

America’s Best July 4 Fireworks

It’s a part of who we are as Americans. We love our fireworks, especially on July 4. While every town in America gets in on the act, the bigger the fireworks, the better. And no one does July 4 fireworks like our big cities. They spend millions of dollars for 15 minutes of glory. For […]