The Rushmore Report – The Faith of George Bush

The 41st President of the United States died Friday night at his home in Houston at the age of 94. George Herbert Walker Bush was a quiet man who lived a life of a quiet faith. He rarely spoke out about his faith, but to him it was real. It was a faith he embraced from […]

The Rushmore Report – President Bush’s Five Greatest Accomplishments

While both his predecessor and his successor – Presidents Reagan and Clinton – have received more acclaim for their time in the White House than has President George Herbert Walker Bush, one can make the case that it was Bush whose presidency was the most successful. In fact, the case is pretty easy to make. […]

The Rushmore Report – Bush’s Letter to Bill Clinton the Day He Left Office

He was always a man of grace, even in moments of defeat. The 1992 presidential contest told us more about the man than his long string of success stories – as war hero, U.S. Representative, Ambassador to the United Nations, head of the Republican Party, Vice President, and then President of the United States. Perhaps […]

The Rushmore Report – George Bush’s True Legacy

President George H.W. Bush’s death at age 94 will inspire an outpouring of praise for his lifetime of service and his impact on the nation and the world. But beyond his many accomplishments in life and in office, perhaps President Bush will be remembered most for the man he was. The quality many people admired […]

The Rushmore Report – Will House Democrats Move to Impeach President Trump?

We heard it for months. “Give us control of the House and we will impeach the President!” From Maxine Waters on down, both elected Democrats and those seeking election said it with one voice. “Trump must go, and we will make that happen!” So now the Democrats have won back control of the House – […]

The Rushmore Report – It’s Been 55 Years, and He Still Blames Himself for JFK’s Death

As of this past Thursday, America’s greatest unsolved case turned 55. To this day, an amazing 80 percent of the population believes John F. Kennedy was not shot by a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Over these 55 years, conspiracists have blamed the CIA, Russia, Cuba, Lyndon Johnson, and the Easter Bunny. They have blamed everyone […]

The Rushmore Report – Will Graham Calls on Christians to Fight CA Fires

Will Graham, grandson of the late Billy Graham, has urged Christians to help victims of the California wildfires, saying that believers “should be the first ones to be responding because we represent the King of kings and Lord of lords.” He continued, “I think as Christians, we should be the first ones to respond to […]