The Rushmore Report: The Faith of Hillary Clinton

As she has embarked on a second campaign for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing the same scrutiny as during the 2008 campaign. Of interest to us is her personal faith story. Mrs. Clinton once told The New York Times, “My faith has always been very personal to me.” In 2007, she told the 2007 […]

The Faith of Bernie Sanders

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the most irreligious person running in the 2016 race. The Vermont Senator, self-identified as a socialist, is the most left-leaning member of Congress, but as of this writing is the new leader in New Hampshire polls, with a seven point lead over Hillary Clinton. He regularly draws crows of 10-15,000 in […]

The Faith of Scott Walker

Scott Kevin Walker is the 47-year-old Governor of Wisconsin. After serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly and as the Milwaukee County Executive, he was elected Governor in 2010. He survived a recall election and was reelected in 2014, defeating Democrat Mary Burke in a left-leaning state. Moving from his birth place of Colorado Springs as […]

Jeb Bush

The Faith of Jeb Bush

by Dr. Mark Denison– John Ellis Bush was an Episcopalian for the first 44 years of his life, following the tradition of his family. Better known as Jeb (his initials are J.E.B.), he was born in Midland, Texas, raised in Houston, graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and earned a degree in Latin American […]

The Faith of Marco Rubio

In our series on “The Faith of the Candidates,” we come to perhaps the most interesting faith journey among the 20 who are in the race or leaning toward jumping in as of this writing. Senator Marco Rubio has ties to the Catholic Church, Mormon Church, and Baptist Church. The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio […]