The Rushmore Report – Where Americans Stand on Their #1 Issue

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll of 900 registered voters (645 of whom self-identify as “likely voters”) brings surprising results. Of note are President Trump’s new approval ratings, Americans’ assessment of what matters most in the midterm elections, and especially their view on which party would best address the #1 issue of the day. […]

The Rushmore Report – Why Faith’s Influence on Politics Isn’t Going Away

“Social issues to return to the forefront on GOP trail.” That’s the title of an article in the Washington Post. What is striking about the article is its title.  “Return to the forefront?”  First, from the earliest days of the last presidential campaign to the present, social issues – protecting the unborn and their mothers, religious […]

The Rushmore Report – The Six Senate Races that Really Matter

The 2018 midterm elections are just two weeks away. It seems likely that Democrats are poised to take control of the House of Representatives with a net pick-up of at least 23 seats. But the Senate is another question. While 35 races are on the ballot, only six really matter. The others will all likely […]

The Rushmore Report – Can Anti-Trump Hatred Carry the House for Democrats?

“I have some thoughts on ‘enthusiasm’ and the election,” tweeted Amy Walter, the Cook Political Report’s ace analyst of House races. What I and, I suspect, others expected to follow was a discussion of how voters’ enthusiasm, positive or negative, tends to determine who wins elections, especially off-year elections, when turnout is more variable. Democrats […]

The Rushmore Report – Herschel Walker Calls Out Don Lemon for Despicable Comments on Kanye West

CNN host Don Lemon said some incredibly hateful things about Kanye West last week. His racist rhetoric was ignored by most of the media, of course. Worse, Lemon said the famous rapper was mentally ill, as evidenced by his support for President Trump. Then he laughed when a liberal guest on his show, Bakari Sellers, […]

The Rushmore Report – Democrats’ $38M Texas Folly

In their latest exciting moral victory, Democrats have now dropped $38.1 million on failing Texas senatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, bringing his grand total to $61.2 million in a race he now trails by seven points, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average. He’s been steadily losing ground, too — he’s down 8 and 9 points […]

The Rushmore Report – Guess Who Leads First Poll of Democratic Contenders for 2020?

A new poll was just conducted, with results being announced two days ago. The CNN poll asked two questions. Do you think President Trump will win a second term? If you are a Democrat, who would you vote for at this point? As for the first question, 46 percent believe Trump will win a second […]