The Rushmore Report: The Next 100 Days Will Determine the Trump Legacy

Since the days of Harry Truman, presidents have been graded more by their first 100 days in office than their next 1,361 days – Donald Trump more than any other. But with the constant obstruction thrown up by Democrats and the president’s struggles to get firm footing, Trump’s first 100 days will pale in comparison […]

The Rushmore Report: What the Georgia Race Tells Us

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, liberals have comforted themselves by saying it was all a mistake. They assume he is foolish, self-indulgent, and incompetent. Yet this consistently underestimated president just went four-for-four in special elections. If the elite media’s portrait of Donald Trump as an unpopular president was accurate, surely the Democrats could […]

The Rushmore Report: What We Learned from the Sessions Hearing

Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions came before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was grilled for about two and a half hours. In the process, he called criticisms of Russian collusion “detestable lies.” Democrats blasted Sessions for not divulging the details of his personal conversations with the President. Republicans defended his integrity. But what did we […]

The Rushmore Report: Ivanka Trump on Comey – ‘Father Vindicated’

Ivanka Trump said on Monday that her father felt “very vindicated” by the testimony last week of James B. Comey, the ousted FBI director, who, under oath, accused President Trump of firing him for his handling of the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to sway the election. Ms. Trump, a senior […]

The Rushmore Report: Bernie Sanders’ Shocking Attack on Christianity

Last week, in a Senate confirmation hearing, Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Russell Vought of being unfit to serve as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget (an accountant’s position) because he actually believes the teachings of Christ. It was a shocking attack on religious freedom, and as expected, has drawn almost no criticism […]

The Rushmore Report: My Advice to President Trump

President Donald Trump has hit the 150-day mark of his administration. He has much to show for it – an acclaimed Supreme Court Justice, a record Dow Jones, a lower unemployment rate than was seen at any point of the Obama Administration. Still, many of his priorities are stalled – a budget and healthcare reform […]

The Rushmore Report: What to Expect from the Comey Hearing

Former FBI Director James Comey goes before Congress today. It is expected that he will be asked to provide specific details on whether or not President Trump pressured him to close the ongoing investigation into Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn. But what will Comey really say in the most watched Congressional hearings since the […]