Political Correctness

Do you know how to never offend anyone with what you say? It’s simple. Never say anything. Or at least, never say anything about religion, politics, or cats. The only exception is that in most circles it is okay to criticize Christianity, but not other religions. Avoid attempts at humor at all cost. It is acceptable to laugh at anything crude, but don’t “force” your morality on anyone else. The phrase for today is “political correctness.” If you are new to the PC game, let me help. We no longer “man” an office or position…We “person” it. We don’t allow our children to play Cowboys and Indians…They are to play Cowpersons and Native Americans.

Vice President Al Gore said it well. “My mother always made it clear to my sister and me that men and women were equal, if not more so.” You have your assignment. May all mankind and womankind strive for equality, if not “more so.” Strive for non-offensive, non-controversial speech in everything you say. But if it is political correctness you want, you may want to avoid the Scriptures. They are all about truth, whether it stings or not. King David, a “man after God’s own heart,” once prayed, “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight” (Psalm 19:14). The choice is yours. You can play for the crowd and seek PC at every turn, in everything you do and in everything you say. Or you can give up and play for an audience of One.

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