No Cure

There was a farmer whose chickens were dying. He called an agriculture agent and said, “I had 600 chickens, but now I have just 300, as half of them died. What should I do?”

“It’s simple,” said the agent. “Give them penicillin.”

A few days passed, and the farmer approached the agent again. “I tried penicillin, but now I’m down to 150 chickens. It didn’t work.”

The agent offered, “Give them castor oil twice a day. That should take care of your problem.”

A few days later the farmer called again. “That didn’t help. Now I’m down to fifty chickens.”

The agent countered, “Here’s your solution. Give them two aspirin each day. That should do it.”

Two days later, the farmer was back on the phone. “All my chickens are dead!” he said.

“Oh no! That’s too bad,” said the agent.

“Why are you so upset?” asked the farmer.

“Because I still had some more remedies we didn’t get to try.”

We all know people like the agriculture fellow. Sometimes, we are like him ourselves. We are surrounded by people with problems. We love to offer remedies.

In Jesus’ day, they were called “Pharisees.” Sometimes, it’s okay to say, “I’m sorry. I don’t have all the answers. But I know Someone who does.” And when he doesn’t make sense to us, he still makes sense.

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