Mrs. Jones

Nancy Jones lived a rather non-descript life. And so, on her tombstone were written these words: “Here lie the bones of Nancy Jones; for her, life held no terrors. She lived an old maid, she died an old maid; no hits, no runs, no errors.” It appears Mrs. Jones was a fine lady, but she didn’t grasp life at its fullest.

If you should die today, what would they say about your life? Les Moore is buried at Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. On his grave are written these words: “Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a twenty-four. No Les. No more.”

I love funny epitaphs. “Herein lies a man named Zeke. Second fastest draw in Cripple Creek.”

“Here lies the body of Margaret Bent. She kicked up her heels and away she went.”

“To follow you, I am not content, for I do not know which way you went.”

But let’s return to Nancy Jones. “No hits, no runs, no errors.”

The fact is, if you swing the bat of life, you will make a few outs. But if you live your life where it’s safe, in the stands, you’ll never score any runs. Jesus didn’t die just to give you life. He died to give you abundant life.

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