Megachurch Pastors to Host New Show on Fox

Four popular megachurch pastors are promising to bring an interesting combination of hope, comedy, and honesty in a new faith-based talk show to be tested on Fox this summer called “The Preachers.”

The show will be hosted by John Gray, an associate pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas; E. Dewey Smith Jr., senior pastor at The House of Hope in Atlanta, Georgia; Orrick Quick, pastor and founder of God Seekers Church in High Point, North Carolina; and Jamal Bryant, pastor and founder of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

Asked in an interview if they thought the show is a good idea, Gray said the time for a show like this is right. “I think it’s an idea whose time has come. In the television landscape, especially with Fox, they gave ‘Lucifer’ the nighttime show and they gave ‘Preachers’ the daytime show – give us something,” he said to laughter from his co-hosts.

The show will be executive produced by Bill Geddie, who has served as co-creator and executive producer of ABC’s “The View” for 17 seasons.

“After ‘The view,’ I figured I’d never do another panel show, but these preachers knocked me off my feet,” said Geddie in a statement highlighted by Broadcasting & Cable. “They’re not just another set of talking heads yakking about the events of the day; they bring real world experience as pastors and counselors. They have a unique spiritual take on things, and they’re funny as hell . . . I men, heck!”

Smith said Geddie was inspired to take a shot on the show after seeing the pilot.

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