Luggage Handlers

One day a man arriving at the airport saw a well-dressed businessman yelling at a porter about the way he was handling his luggage. The more irate the businessman became, the calmer and more professional the porter appeared. When the abusive man left, the first man complimented the porter on his restraint.

“Oh, it was nothing,” said the porter. “You know, that man’s going to Miami, but his bags are now going to Kalamazoo.”

What the disgruntled businessman failed to understand was that people who disrespect others always hurt themselves the most.

When it comes to respect, we need to learn two principles. First, give respect freely. Second, earn respect, in return. Don’t expect respect. Earn respect. Don’t demand it; earn it.

Charles Spurgeon said it well. “Carve your name on hearts and not on marble.”

He was simply saying that we need to constantly look for opportunities to be a blessing rather than to be blessed. You receive by giving. The respectful become more respected. And as an additional benefit, their luggage only ends up in Kalamazoo if they go there as well.

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