Life’s a Gamble

A pastor felt sorry for the old man in the park. So one day, he handed him an envelope with $10 in it, and a simple message: “Never despair.”

The next day, the old man handed the pastor an envelope with $60 in it.

“What is this for?” asked the pastor.

“I bet the $10 at the horse race on ‘Never Despair,’ just like you told me. You won. here’s your money.”

I heard about a guy who tried to sell a raffle ticket to his buddy. “We’re having a raffle for a nice young lady who is down on her luck. Would you like to buy a ticket?”

“No,” replied his friend. “Even if I won, my wife wouldn’t let me keep her.”

Life is a gamble. A young couple went to Las Vegas on their honeymoon. They gambled $100 in the casino, and lost $98. That night, the man went out on his own to see what he could do with the remaining $2. He won big, and increased it to $1,000. Then he turned the $1,000 into $40,000. But then, sadly, he bet the whole thing on “black” at the roulette table and lost.

He went back to his room. His wife asked how he had done. He said, “I lost the $2.” Yes, life is a gamble. Unless you bet on God, in which case you will always win. You may think you can achieve joy and peace on your own, apart from God. But if I were you, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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