Katy Perry Needs the Pope

Katy Perry is one step closer to buying her dream convent. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that the sale of a former Catholic convent was void to wealthy businesswoman Dana Hollister, which now paves the way for Perry, who has long been eyeing the property, to buy it.

Katy Perry seeks to purchase the Roman villa-style convent, which sits on eight acres in the Los Feliz neighborhood, for $14.5 million. Katy’s bid for the hilltop property has already been approved by the archbishop of Los Angeles, but it will still have to be approved by the Vatican.

“Katy is writing a letter to the Pope. She wants this house and is willing to fly to Rome and meet the Pope if that is what it takes,” sources said. “The whole thing has become so crazy, but she has fallen in love with the house and it is worth fighting for.”

Katy Perry’s previous attempts to buy the convent were blocked when members of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary instead attempted to sell the property to Hollister. The businesswoman had big plans to turn the convent into a boutique hotel and had already begun renovations on it before the archdiocese brought a lawsuit against her. Now Judge Bowick has ruled that the nuns did not receive the archbishop’s permission before making an agreement with Hollister, so the sale is void, and the deed has been canceled.

So all Katy has to do is meet with the Pope. That shouldn’t be too hard. Actually, with 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, it might not be so easy. The Pope can only meet with one person at a time. That’s the good thing about God. He can meet with all 2.2 billion Christians in the world at any time – and all at once.

If you want to buy a convent, stand in line to meet the Pope. If you need something bigger than that – like eternal life, personal restoration, or remarkable peace – there is no line. Your Father is ready to hear from you – right now.

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