John Livingston

Let me tell you the story of a common man named John Livingston. It is the story of what happens when God’s sovereignty and man’s willingess to be used come together. It happened on June 30, 1630.

An unusual communion service was held at the Kirk of Shotts in Scotland. Well known ministers from all over the area were invited to assist in the service. The number of worshipers gathered was so large that the service had to be moved outdoors. The ministers had chosen one of their own to deliver the sermon, but when he became too ill to preach, 27-year-old John Livingston was asked to replace him.

Livingston was not yet ordained, nor did he have his own congregation. He was so intimidated about speaking to such an august gathering that he thought seriously about fleeing the responsibility. Finally, he resolved to preach from Ezekiel 36:25-26.

As he delivered his message, rain began to fall. Yet, Livingston continued. Suddenly there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and people were overcome by the weight of their sin. Over 500 people were converted that day.

What God did then, He can still do today.

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