Is God in Church?

After attending church with his father one Sunday morning, a little boy knelt beside his bed to say his nightly prayers. Nothing could have made his dad more proud. He started with the typical things kids pray about: his dog, his cat, and his mean older sister.

Then the boy turned spiritual with his prayer. “Dear God, we had a really good time at church this morning. I wish you had been there.”

In a related story, two ministers were arguing over minor doctrinal issues one day. Finally, one said to the other, “Look, what are we fighting over? We are both trying to serve God. You do it your way and I’ll do it His way!”

Why do you go to church? Do you go to church? There have been many Sundays when I felt like the little boy. We had great services, but I didn’t really feel the holy presence of the Almighty.

Maybe the problem is we are too much like the two pastors. We squabble over the little stuff when we need to just seek the presence of God.

Nothing is worse than having church without God. But he is under no obligation to show up just because we call it “church.”

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