Interesting Logic

A drill sergeant was yelling at a new recruit when he asked him, “Tell me what would happen if one of your ears got shot off?”

The recruit replied, “Well, sir, I wouldn’t be able to hear.”

Then the officer said, “And what if both of your ears were shot off?”

“Well, then I wouldn’t be able to see.”

The sergeant asked, “Why would you say that? Why would you lose your sight because both ears were shot off?”

The man said, “If both of my ears were shot off, my helmet would slide right down over my eyes!”

I appreciate the value of good eyesight. I was declared legally blind by the age of 12. That means my vision was worse than 20/200. By the age of 19, my degenerative eye disease had me at 20/2000. That means that what I could see at 20 feet, others can see across the solar system.

Eye surgery saved my sight. Now I’m back to a reasonable 20/100, which is correctable by wearing 3″ thick glasses! But at least I can see.

One day Jesus met a man who could not see. He healed the man, and his life was forever changed.

But there is another kind of sight the Scripture speaks of – spiritual sight. This is the ability to see God in all circumstances: a sunrise, blooming flower, baby’s laugh, and Astros victory in the World Series.

Do you have spiritual sight? Only God can give you that. By simple faith in his son, Jesus Christ, you will see things you have never seen before. Let God open your eyes today.

And do whatever you must to keep both ears.

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