In a Box

Do you ever play Monopoly? I love that game. Give me Boardwalk and a hotel and I’m a very happy man. You can have Mediterranean, Water Works, and Baltic Avenue. Keep your railroads and “Get Out of Jail” card. Give me Boardwalk.

I love the power that comes from owning real estate and watching my opponent stop one space short of “Go.” That’s my property they landed on, and they will pay . . . dearly!

But when the game is over, it all goes back in the box. That’s a lot like life. The “stuff” doesn’t last. Boardwalk is fine – for awhile. But eventually, the only things that matter are the things that last.

Did you ever meet the fellow who was on his death bed, complaining that he spent too much time with his family, too much time with friends, and not enough time at work? He doesn’t exist.

This world offers a lot of toys. Go buy your BMW, boat, big house, and new golf clubs. Buy a summer home and a winter home, a lake house and a penthouse. There’s nothing wrong with that. But remember, when the game is over, it all goes back in the box.

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