I’m Quitting Sports

I have been a huge sports fan my whole life. But no more! I am never going back to another live sporting event, for several reasons. Every time I go, they want my money. The people I sat with last time didn’t even know my name. The seats were not comfortable, and the coach never came to visit me in my home. I never even got a call.

The referee made a decision with which I could not agree. I was sitting with some hypocrites who were only there to see what others were wearing. Some of the games went into overtime, which made me late getting home.

The band played songs I didn’t know. They scheduled the games at times when I had other things to do. My parents made me go to games as a child, which I’ve always resented. I read a book on sports, so I know more than the coaches, anyway.

As for my kids, I’ll let them decide if they want to go to sporting events when they are old enough to make that decision for themselves. So, I am done with sports. I’ve decided to spend my time in a place where none of these things can ever happy. So Sunday, I’m going to start going to church.

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