I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw

I can’t believe what I just saw. Saturday, I was in Texas to conduct a wedding ceremony. After the wedding, Beth and I stopped at a Raceway Station. When I started to pump gas, I saw the lady at the next pump – smoking a cigarette while pumping gas. I walked toward her and warned her of the danger of smoking while pumping gas. She said some rather unpleasant things to me. It was clear she was not going to put her cigarette out. So I got in my car and drove off out of fear of what might happen next.

And then it did happen next. As we began to drive off, Beth saw it in our car’s side mirror – a spark – and then a flame. I turned the car around and saw the lady waving her arm violently. She was on fire.

Within seconds, several customers had run to her with some sort of blanket, throwing it around her arm as fast as they could, to put the fire out. But before they could get to her, the sound of her screams and the sight of her waving arm, completely aflame, were etched in my mind. It was a horrible sight and sound.

We got out of our car. Just then, a police car pulled up. It must have already been close by. The officer got out of his car and walked over to the lady. After making sure the fire was out, he proceeded to do the unexpected. He put her into the backseat of his car.

When the manager of the store left the scene, walking back toward the store, many of us gathered around him. “Why did the officer put her in the car?” I asked him. He said, “The police put her under arrest.”

“Why did they arrest her?” I asked him.

The man replied, “For illegally waving a firearm.”

Okay – so that’s a horrible (but funny) story. But there’s a point. You bought it, didn’t you? I know I did, when I heard that story last week!

Here’s the lesson. Don’t believe everything you hear. Sounding true and being true are two different things. We live in a world in which the media is screaming messages at us every day. I won’t get into the politics of that. But I will say this – again. Be careful what you believe. The Bible says to “test the spirits.” That means to make sure what you buy into is really true.

And avoid illegally waving a firearm.

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