There once was a man who came down from the Carolina mountains one day. He was all dressed up and carrying his Bible. A friend saw him and asked, “Elias, what’s happening? Where are you going all dressed up like that?”

Elias said, “I’ve been hearing about New Orleans. I hear that there is a lot of free-runnin’ liquor and a lot of gamblin’ and a lot of real good, naughty shows. I’m headed down there for a couple days of fun.”

Elias’ friend looked him over and asked, “But Elias, why are you carrying your Bible under your arm?”

Elias shrugged, “Well, if it’s as good as they say it is, I might stay over until Sunday.”

One day a pastor fell on his knees in dramatic fashion. “I am nothing! I am nothing!”

His associate heard him, and did the same. “I am nothing! I am nothing!” he repeated.

The church janitor walked by, then joined in, falling on his knees, as well. “I am nothing! I am nothing!” said the janitor.

The pastor turned to his associate and said, “Can you believe the gall of the janitor, saying he is nothing?”

Let’s be genuine and honest. We all are nothing – apart from Christ.

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